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February 19, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q.  Talk about your round.
BUBBA WATSON:  It was tough.  It was up‑and‑down.  Bad swing‑‑ what hole was that, 5, into the trees.  Chipped out, made bogey.  Bad swing on, I think that's 14, the par3, where I made another bogey.
Didn't hit many greens.  The swing wasn't feeling the best but somehow we kept getting up‑and‑down.  I was missing in the right spots.  That's what I was trying to do around the course was miss in the right spots so I could get a chance to get up‑and‑down and that's what I did today.

Q.  Talk about your strategy on 10, seems like it's playing one of the hardest holes out here.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, the green, the nicest way to say it, it's very difficult.  The green is very difficult, and I don't know how to play it.
So today, we hit 4‑wood, and I just tried to hit it over that bunker towards those trees so I could have an uphill chip to the hole.  Somehow made the putt today but I was just trying to play to the center of the green, get par and get out of there.
As we can see, throughout the years, that hole is very, very difficult and par is a great score there.

Q.  How long have you played here, ballpark?
BUBBA WATSON:  That's a great question.  I've never missed, I don't think.

Q.  Have you noticed that green getting‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  Nine years.

Q.  Have you noticed it getting a little more severe, edges and firmness, things like that?
BUBBA WATSON:  It seems that way, but that's‑‑

Q.  Everyone's got to play it‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm not saying that.  No, no, it looks that way to me but I mean, it might just be because I'm so scared to death of the hole.  It just looks worse and worse‑‑ as I get older, it looks worse.  It's very difficult.
We've heard rumours that because of all the bunker shots, the sand makes it build up, but who knows.  Yeah, definitely, it's a very difficult hole.

Q.  Do you look forward to playing it?

Q.  Can you think of another hole on TOUR that you least look forward to playing?
BUBBA WATSON:  A bunch of them but that's the worst for sure.

Q.  In a good kind of way?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, I don't think it's a good kind of way.  It's just I'm scared to death of that hole.  We thought about laying up today but then I was like, well, that 80‑yard wedge shot is going to be just as tough as somehow getting lucky off the tee.  And today I got lucky off the tee where all I had to do was go over the tree straight up the green.

Q.  Were you pin‑high?
BUBBA WATSON:  Pin‑high, way left, yeah.

Q.  Flopped it over there?
BUBBA WATSON:  (Nodding yes) because Teddy said that's the best place.  If you land it short of the trees, leave it short of the trees, you've got a straight‑up‑the‑green shot.

Q.  The hard part is getting it there left of the trees.
BUBBA WATSON:  The hard part is somehow, after you hit the green, 2‑putt.  And somehow it fell in, made birdie.  Still probably 14‑, 15‑over probably for my career.

Q.  What about 15, a difficult hole out here finishing, but you with birdie, when you won last year, and then today, you must have a pretty good attitude?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, it's one of those where it find of funnels, so if you hit it up high, it funnels back from the left on to the fairway.
Today I hit just a straight ball so it went in the fairway.  Downwind, 170, we hit a pitching wedge, so it was just a full pitching wedge downwind, and same thing I hit.  I had 167 last year the final day, so the same club, pitching wedge.  Today was a little draw and last year was just a straight one or a slight cut.
When you're hitting wedges, you should have a good chance of scoring, and today was a perfect little shot.  Came out perfect and somehow I rattled that putt in.

Q.  First bogey was on No. 5?

Q.  Did you ever stop to consider that you had not made a bogey since the 15th hole on Friday in 2014, 43 holes in a row?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, I just thought about, I made a bogey and we'd better not make too many more of those because the golf course is tough.  That's all I was thinking about, how bad that swing was.

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