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February 19, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Solid round, good start, just talk about the round.
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Challenging golf course.¬† I played the first 12 holes, I don't think I missed a shot and I was 2‑over.¬† You know, drives were going a foot into the rough and out of the rough they were hitting and just getting over the green and you've got a tough up‑and‑down.
I was just this close on every shot but I didn't miss one and I finally missed one on No. 4 and I chip‑in.¬† So I'm like, it's just a little wild but the course is in incredible shape.¬† It's fair and tough.
I know 2‑under, it's as easy as conditions I think we're going to have in the four days, so would have maybe liked to take advantage early in the round.¬† It was a great come back, 4‑under on the back nine to get to 2‑under.¬† So really proud of the way Michael and I rebounded from that start because it didn't seem like I was doing anything wrong.¬† Just couldn't get the ball in the hole.

Q.  Retief was talking about, he has not seen the fairways running this fast, maybe ever.  Did you find the same thing?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, it seemed quite a few drives I hit I thought were going to hold in the fairway and we get up there and they had bounded just through.
The greens are what strike me as more firm than anything.  The fairways, you know, I think tomorrow it's going to be a little colder and windier; they may not run as much.  But without any rain, they are only going to get firmer.  You have to really watch where you're placing your tee shots.

Q.¬† Obviously you had the fantastic finish to I guess last season.¬† Talk about now regrouping as you're out again to restart and trying to re‑find what you had going at the end of last season.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Sure, yeah, 6 1/2 week break, and this is my fourth in a row, the first four of the year so I'm pretty tired this week, legs are tired.  Just trying to get it going into the year.
But yeah, I had a couple good weeks out of the last three, and this one I think the way I'm striking it and the way my putting has been improving each week, I feel like I'm very confident on getting myself into contention here.¬† Not exactly striking it the way I was at the end of last year but that's a work‑in‑progress.
Yeah, ideally, I hit it like that come that second week of April, so right now, I've got what I've got.  I'm striking it well.  I'm hitting it good enough to get close to these pins working it both ways, so if I can drive the ball as well as today, I'll be in good shape.

Q.  Am I remembering right that you played here with the NCAAs?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, my freshman year.  We won it as a team here.

Q.¬† How much does the positive vibes from having success here‑‑
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, great memories.  Another eight rounds on the golf course in tournament condition.  That was coming on three years ago now.  Yeah, it was really cool to relive those last year.  Last year it was more fresh in my mind. 
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† But this year, my coach and my roommate were out here trying to play to get in the tournament in the collegiate Pro‑Am.¬† So it was cool to be able to walk the fairways with him because the last time we were here together it was that week.

Q.  What turned you onto golf and fall in love with the sport?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Well, I love the fact that I can control my own destiny.  I love my preparation is all that matters in what I do out here.  I'm not relying on anybody else to put in the work ahead of time.  If I want to have success, I do it myself, and really love that part of the sport.  There's a lot of little things, but yeah, as an overall competitive edge, I like being able to control my own destiny.

Q.¬† Did your parents‑‑
JORDAN SPIETH:  I played everything.  They wanted to turn me loose on all sports.  My mom played college basketball and my dad played college baseball, so whatever I wanted to do.

Q.¬† Justin Thomas was teeing off behind you; a cool moment to be close to your buddy‑‑
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† I thought we were going to be paired together.¬† I thought I had heard ahead of time, which would have been really cool.¬† Webb work our way into a Saturday pairing maybe.¬† I knew we were going to cross each other there, so I was trying to look over to, I don't know, just mess with him or something.¬† He was there on 3, I think he was 1‑under at the time.¬† I was just teeing off.
Crossed paths a couple times throughout the day, because this course does that.  Yeah, all in all, saw his name on the leaderboard, pretty similar, so hopefully we can play well tomorrow and get right next to each other and battle it out this weekend.

Q.  Doesn't matter where you're at, seems like you're able to bounce back.  What do you make of that ability?
JORDAN SPIETH:¬† Yeah, just really willpower to get it in.¬† I mentioned earlier, I didn't miss a shot through 12 holes and all of a sudden I miss a couple shots and I go 4‑under coming in‑‑ or I guess I was 1‑over at the time.¬† But it was just really close on all levels and I just stayed patient with it.¬†
       Michael did a great job of keeping me in it there, letting me know, hey, you've hit all the shots where he wanted you to hit them and you just get bad breaks.  Whether it rolled just a foot through into the rough or just took a firm bounce into the green and trickled over.  This course is going to do that to you. 
So I just‑‑ real patient, I knew No. 1 would yield a birdie if I played it the right way and a couple more wedges coming in, made a couple putts.

Q.  Where is your name at right now?
JORDAN SPIETH:  My short game feels good.  Wedges are solid.  They are not right on where I love them to be but they are close to that level.

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