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February 14, 2015

Jordan Spieth


Q.  Tough end for you, but how did you feel you played overall?
JORDAN SPIETH:  Not playing great.  Tough range session this morning.  I was texting back and forth to my coach.  I haven't seen him in a few weeks and I've been pushing my irons significantly and not driving the ball with a lot of power.
But I've been making putts when needed and my short game's kind of saved me, unlike what happened on the last hole.  That's not what's happened the last few days.
But not really ‑‑ just not very confident over the ball right now but somehow getting it around the right way.  I've had a lot of really, really short length birdie putts from the par‑5s.
And then made a couple putts here and there that have kept me in it.  But plenty of wedge opportunities on those last seven holes, it's tough to play them in 1‑over.  But at the same time still in contention.  But it's been a week of trying to figure stuff out on the range.

Q.  Do you feel extra pressure because of the scores going lower and lower?  Do you have like I got to keep those birdies rolling because everybody else is?
JORDAN SPIETH:  I didn't feel any pressure at all the whole day.  Just ‑‑ I won't tomorrow.  I know it's going to have to take a low round.  I know that I'm capable of doing so.
The lead's probably going to be, what, 16 or 17, and may go to 20 or 21 after tomorrow.  So I'm going to need a really low round.  But it's certainly possible on this golf course if I'm hitting the fairways and really striking my wedges well.

Q.  Did you almost go in the water on 18?  It looked like you were right on the edge.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I hit it and it was a little draw off the tree.  And I thought it was fine.  It got a big kick to the left and almost funneled to the left into the water.
Today on 6 I landed it what I thought was the right center of the fairway and it shot‑‑ the ball hasn't bounced the whole week and it shot over and ended up funneling down into the water.  I had to take a drop today on 6, the par‑5.
So maybe I'll play a little further away tomorrow.  But I thought they were plenty fine.  Wasn't scared until I saw the bounce.  Then I had no idea walking up.

Q.  When you made your last birdie on 11, at that point you were right there.  You remember only a couple off the lead.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Yeah, I think I may have tied the lead at that point.  Mindset didn't change, I just didn't hit good wedge shots.  I was trying to do too much.  I had sand wedges where I was trying to sling them in because the whole green funnels one way.
If I just lined up on the hole and had a straight putt I would have had no more than 10 feet.  Instead I missed a couple greens and had to really struggle for par.  I was‑‑ it was just kind of a struggle coming in.  I still had a couple looks at birdie that just barely missed.  But yeah, I just needed to simplify things.  I just made it a little complicated for myself there.

Q.  Matt Jones is at 19‑under.
JORDAN SPIETH:  Oh, is he?

Q.  What's the lowest reasonable score out there?  I mean with these conditions I would think that someone could go very low.
JORDAN SPIETH:  I think 8‑under is certainly possible out here.  If you get a couple really good breaks it could go a couple lower than that.
But that's a career round.  So I'm just going to go out and try and play solid golf and make things easy for myself.  Those last few holes, really six holes, were‑‑ are tough to swallow at this point, knowing that I feel like I gave a few away when I was really riding some momentum.
But in the end, tomorrow, if I play a good solid round, keep things simple, still trying to get some rust off, it's the third event of the year, after a long break.  So if I make things easy for myself tomorrow, then I'm going to be happy no matter what the outcome is.

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