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February 12, 2015

Victor Oladipo


VICTOR OLADIPO:  Better work, better lives.  That's the blood that goes with my veins.  Yeah, I'm from Nigeria.  I'm Nigerian.

Q.  Have you visited Africa yet?
VICTOR OLADIPO:  No, I haven't gotten a chance to.  It's kind of expensive for six people to go to Africa, but now that I have the money and I'm saving my money, I'm definitely going to get a chance to go there.

Q.  If you had a message for the kids in Africa trying to get in sports in general, what would that message be?
VICTOR OLADIPO:  I think the biggest message from first‑hand experience is never let anybody tell you you can't do anything.  Through my life people have told me I would come up short.  I probably would never do this.  Never be a D‑1 college player, never play in the NBA.  But at the end of the day, I just stayed in the gym and kept working on my game.
Never lose confidence in yourself.  Never let anybody let your confidence waver.  Just believe in yourself and believe in the gifts God gave you, and everything is possible.

Q.  Two players of Nigerian descent in the dunk contest.  What do you think about that?
VICTOR OLADIPO:  I think it's big.  It means we're talented, too.  We can represent them well and we're going to represent them well.

Q.  How does one prepare for the dunk contest?
VICTOR OLADIPO:  Just jump as high as you can.

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