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February 6, 2015

Kelly Shon


Q.  Take us through this morning.  You finished this morning and had the quick turnaround?
KELLY SHON:  Uh‑huh.

Q.  Were you nervous about that?  Have you done that in a while?
KELLY SHON:  No, I haven't done that in a very long time, coming back out to finish a round.  Honestly, I felt good about it.  I was kind of down because I'm going to have a lot of golf to play today with a lot of wind.  There are a lot of negatives to take from that, but I wasn't putting the best yesterday, and I think the break was good.
When I came out, I was really hot with the putter and just started making everything, so I think I got lucky with that.

Q.  How many holes did you finish with this morning?
KELLY SHON:  This morning we were‑‑ I had just hit my tee shot on 3 yesterday, so I was on the green on 3.

Q.  You finished birdie‑birdie didn't you?
KELLY SHON:  I did, now that I think about it.

Q.  That makes dinner taste better, right?
KELLY SHON:  Yes, I mean, I had two bogeys before that.  I don't know if that makes it better for the birdies or worse.  But, honestly, today was not a day when you can kind of look ahead.  You had to stay within yourself and stay focused on the shot right there in front of you.  One moment of distraction was a big, big flaw today.  It made me think a little bit sharper.  It really.

Q.  When was the last time you played in conditions like these?  Has it been probably a long time?
KELLY SHON:  Oh, I thought I played some really windy conditions last year at Symetra, but this took it to a whole new level.  I remember‑‑ I was talking to my caddie‑‑ I remember watching, maybe it was the Sony Open last year and the PGA TOUR, they had to suspend play because of wind.  I was telling him, when the pin starts bending that way I know it's pretty bad, and when we got up to 15, right around the water there, it was just like it.  I was just waiting for someone to call me off the green right there.  So this is probably one of the‑‑ maybe thee worst wind conditions I've played in, yeah.

Q.  Is this your first time in the Bahamas?  I know it's obviously last week was your first week out here on the LPGA?
KELLY SHON:  This is my first week out.  Yeah, I (inaudible) last week, but I didn't get in.  But I think I lucked out too because I needed that one week to prepare a little bit more.  So I mean, this is my first week on the LPGA, and also in the Bahamas, yes.

Q.  Did you do anything fun outside of the course while you were here?
KELLY SHON:  My mom promised me that if I made the cut, I could go parasailing, so that would be an adventure.

Q.  That is the goal this week?
KELLY SHON:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  Parasailing here?
KELLY SHON:  Maybe not today (laughing).

Q.  But while you're here at some point?
KELLY SHON:  Yes, yeah.

Q.  Have you ever done that?

Q.  So it's a big deal.  Why did your mom tell you that?  Did she not want you to do it?
KELLY SHON:  Yes.  Also, I told her we both had to do it.  Yeah.

Q.  What is your mom's name?

Q.  Where are you based out of now?  You said you're preparing, were you preparing in Florida, because I know you weren't in New York?
KELLY SHON:  No, no, I haven't been back to New York in a few months.  I've kind of just stayed around Daytona.  I've been trying to look for a place to stay and practice, but I've been kind of lazy, and Orlando is too busy.

Q.  Are you working with coaches or anybody in particular?
KELLY SHON:  Not really.

Q.  So just on your own?
KELLY SHON:  I've been kind of on my own since I graduated high school, so four or five years now.

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