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January 30, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q. You want to talk about your round today and how the rain affected that?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, the rain really affects my golf game, and so for me this is a great round. I'm excited about it, happy with it, ended with a birdie. I had a couple of bogeys there on the last few holes. Wayward 9-iron kind of squirted out of the water and then bounced down the hill to a tough spot. And then No. 8 hit it in the bunker. When you hit it in these bunkers just off the green, it's going to be tough -- or just off the fairways, sorry. I had to lay up. Another quick bogey. Luckily I finished with a birdie on the last hole No. 9 there. It turned out to be a good day.

Q. Can you talk about 16 and throwing the jersey out there?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah. You know, my thing this week is I'm going to put out some jerseys. Different guys for the Seahawks, because I know some guys with the Seahawks and I know some people that work for the Seahawks, so cheer for them, pull for them. So, you know, I support a team that I know some people. And then obviously I threw out some visors today, threw out some sunglasses yesterday. I always throw out something. I mean, these fans here, it's easy to do and fun to do. So why not? Once a year it's pretty simple to give away a couple of things.

Q. Big picture, are you as comfortable and happy as you have been as a member of the PGA TOUR right now in 2015?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, yeah, for sure. You know, life is -- you know, it takes me a while to learn things. Takes me a while to go through processes. Right now it doesn't matter what I shoot, doesn't matter if I win the tournament this week or if I lose it with a 3-putt, whatever it is. It's fun. I'm playing golf for a living. I mean, it's fun. Even though it's raining today, it's still fun. And, you know, my kids, my wife are more important, and there's other things I can do. Somehow if I lose my golf game I can always find a job somewhere else.

Q. Do you like the atmosphere here at this tournament?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, what I have been saying here all week, the atmosphere here is great, but it's one week out of the year. If it was every week, we'd get tired of it. We don't want to get booed that many times. It's just like the US Open, we play it once a year. There'd probably be less golfers if we played it every week like that.

Q. Obviously you're going to be hopefully in contention on Sunday. Any plans on going to the Super Bowl?
BUBBA WATSON: I may or may not have tickets and I may or may not be there. We don't know yet.

Q. Are you currently (indiscernible) as normal? Looks like you're getting a more boring shot or more straight shot than...
BUBBA WATSON: No, I still curve it. You know, my tee shots, they are still curving. My irons -- obviously hitting the wedges and 9-irons, they don't curve as much, but yeah.
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