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January 11, 2015

Bubba Watson


Q.  Did you get everything out of this round or maybe leave one or two red ones out there?
BUBBA WATSON:  For sure.  You always leave stuff out there.  You never have a good round unless you make 18 birdies.
But I played well.  You know, it's a good start.  I'm improving every day, so looking forward to the challenge.  But yeah, I mean you know, I parred 18.  I bogeyed a hole that I had a wedge in my hand.  So there was a couple of shots, one or two here and there, but then I made some putts that I probably shouldn't have made, so it worked out.

Q.  On the PGA TOUR you are considered the best artist with a golf club.  When you come to this landscape with big fairways, big greens, elevation changes, does your excitement level raise a bit?
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, yeah.  It's fun.  It's fun to hit‑‑ your imagination can run wild out here, but a couple of tee shots are tough.  Like 18 is tough for me because I can't see the fairway.
I like to see my landing area.  I like to see the‑‑ you're going to say artist, you're going to say the canvas.  I like to see the canvas that I can shape the shot into, and 18 is tough for me because I can't see it.  It's just a big field out there, but we can't see where it's landing, so it makes it tough for me.
And then there's a couple of other holes where you're heading up the hill where you can't see the flags.  It makes it difficult for me as well.  But overall if you're here in Maui, it's always a good week.

Q.  You found a way to break 69 today?
BUBBA WATSON:  Is that my first time of breaking it?

Q.  Yeah.  Thoughts on just the round.
BUBBA WATSON:  It was a good round.  Started off hot.  I still can't play No. 6.  No. 6 is very difficult for me because of the way I hit the ball.  So I tried to dink driver today, still made par.
No. 8, I got lucky and made a par there, but we misjudged the wind.  When I say we, I did.  And then No. 11, I didn't trust it.  I didn't trust the club that we had.  Didn't trust the wind direction we had.  So I made a quick bogey on 11.  And then just a bad swing on 18 and made par.

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