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December 4, 2014

Jordan Spieth


JOHN BUSH:  Jordan Speith, 6‑under par, 66.  Our tournament leader.  Great start.  Jordan, it we can get some comments on your day.
JORDAN SPEITH:  It was a good Thursday.  Really good start.  Nice to put myself in position under par; get a feel for how the course is playing this week.
Seeing some putts go in is always important.  Felt like I missed it in the right spots today.  Had a solo bogey on a tough hole.  Actually hit a good shot in there then missed the putt.
Yeah, I'm excited about the start to this week.  I'm excited about how last week went and kind of riding the momentum.  I'm going to give it my all these last few days because there is a break after that, so...
JOHN BUSH:  Great.  Questions.

Q.  But win here in college and then played well today.  What is it about this course that you really like?
JORDAN SPEITH:  Well, these TifEagle greens are really similar to what I grew up on, these big kind of gentle sloping greens.  I mean, it's almost identical to the place I grew up in in Dallas, so I'm very comfortable.  Obviously spent whatever, 10 years out on those greens.
Same with the way the bermuda runs around the greens.  It's kind of into the green, kind of sandy bermuda.  So I feel comfortable on this type of grass playing the shots that I grew up playing.  Maybe that's it.
I enjoy playing in the wind.  I like the layout of the golf course.  You've got to work both ball flights.  No matter where the pin is there is always a place you can miss as well.
I don't know if that answered your question or not.

Q.  I read that you might have been a little bit jet lagged after the long trip over.  Didn't really seem like it today.  Saw you out on the practice green kind of putting in a lot of work out there today.  Was that just an area going into this weekend that you really wanted to focus on?
JORDAN SPEITH:  Yeah, definitely.  It's an area I should focus on every week.  Golf is a lot easier if you won putts going to the next hole.
With these greens, I know that they're big and I know that speed control is important.  For the most part today I had it.  I got a little off on the back nine hitting them too hard, getting a little too aggressive, trying to force an extra couple birdies.
Yeah, that's a area of concern.  I putted really, really well last week, so I know my stroke is right on.  If I can just go block practice it on the practice green, then it'll stay there.
So it feels good right now, so I'll probably continue to do the same.

Q.  What would you say was it the key shot of your round or part of the game that was really working?
JORDAN SPEITH:  I was hitting good tee shots, but I think the key was my wedges and short irons.  I had a couple tap‑in birdies.  Tap‑in on 7 there, my third shot was actually as pretty difficult shot on the par‑5.
It settled up, and it's kind of a downhill/sidehill slope and then it's all down grain to the hole.
I opened the face for kind of a spinner and it came out perfectly and took one hop and just checked and almost went in.  Hit the lip.
That was a big birdie to grab after making a putt on 6 for birdie.  Got me to 3‑under with I knew a few wedge holes coming up.
Capitalized with gap wedge on the next, 9‑iron, and then gap wedge again.  So that hot start really helped me.  I think that that was probably the key.  There wasn't anything that just necessarily kept the round going, but 7 was maybe the shot of the day in my mind.

Q.  Have you ever flown so much of a distance between two successive weeks?

Q.  Has the jet lag hit you, or have you ever experienced it before?
JORDAN SPEITH:  Yeah, the furthest I've flown was Japan to Australia the week before this for consecutive weeks, so this is the furthest by far that I've flown.
Yeah, I was jet lagged.  Yesterday I was very tired.  Yesterday was the second day, which was rough.  Today I felt fine.  I was able to sleep until 9:00 a.m.
It's tough coming back because it's tough to fall asleep, and then you want to sleep in late.  I am off late again tomorrow.  I was 100% today.  Should stay that way the rest of the week.

Q.  I know it's just one shot, but how big was that putt on 18 to save par?  One of those things now you can go home and sleep good?
JORDAN SPEITH:  Yeah, it would have been tough to finish with bogey.  My shot in I mishit the 5‑iron pretty bad, but it still would've been on the green maybe 30, 40 feet straight uphill, and then hit the sprinkler head and went over and I'm dropping it on some kind of loose grass.
It was a tough break to end up having that putt for par.  But I got a good read off Patrick's ball.  It wouldn't have changed the way I slept, I promise you that.
But it was nice to get it to go in.  I don't thinkof myself ‑‑ I didn't think of it as maintaining a one‑shot lead.  I didn't think of it as important in that aspect.
It was just another shot where I only wanted to drop one stroke today, that one on 12.  After that I wanted to play solid golf coming in, so it was nice to close that one out after a couple missed opportunities couple holes before.
That putt went right in the middle.

Q.  Was there anything from the range work you got to do with Cameron over in Australia that you feel is the reason you're playing so well right now?
JORDAN SPEITH:  Yeah, Cameron and I, I hit it the best I've hit it since maybe the spring in Japan last week.  We just want to continue that.  I hit it okay.  I didn't hit it great last week, but I putted out of my mind.
That's what Cameron and I worked on right when we got to Australia.  I had some putts that I didn't like that I hit in the final round of Japan that could have won me the tournament there, and so we worked on my stroke mainly.  We spent most of our time on the putting green Tuesday and Wednesday before the tournament in Australia.
It was really nice to have him there.  It was something so minor that I wouldn't have been able to tell.  And if I did, I would've tried it fix it in Japan.  But it freed me up and gave me the confidence inside 10 feet to be aggressive.
This week I'm just trying to continue that and get my ball striking where it was last week or even to Japan.

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