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November 9, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  What does it mean to win a WGC event of this nature?
BUBBA WATSON:  It means a lot.  To win outside the U.S., that's one of my goals for my career.  My goal has always been to get ten wins.  Now I've got seven.  To win a World Golf Championships, one of our premiere events, and again outside the U.S., this means a lot.  This is very special to me.  This one's going to go down for a while for me.  Not because of the great shots that I hit but because of just winning here.

Q.  You did hit some great shots.
BUBBA WATSON:  I bogeyed the first hole after hitting two good shots I thought.  And then making some birdies on the front there and then a tough shot on 16 for me because of the way the lie was.  17, just a bad hole.  And then 18, hit it in the bunker and then out of nowhere holed it.
So when I messed up on 17 with the bunker shot and hit a perfect bunker shot on 18, it's weird.  You add that up and Clark was in there tight had a chance to win and I holed it before he putts.  And then again, same bunker, hit not quite as good a bunker shot but the putt was exactly how the first bunker shot was.  So I knew the break and I knew how fast it was and somehow it went in.

Q.  Presumably after 17, for a brief moment, at least you might have thought, I might have blown this?
BUBBA WATSON:  What we looked at is I was only one off the lead so an eagle was heroic and had a chance to win but a birdie still had an outside shot if nobody else birdied.  We knew we were in it but to actually come out that way was pretty remarkable.

Q.  This is pretty special, this environment, isn't it, to pick up the trophy.
BUBBA WATSON:  For sure.  The Chinese know how to run a golf tournament.  This is a special place.  HSBC, they put their stamp on it.  They have run a great golf tournament.  They are a great sponsor for golf.  So, yeah, this is a special place and the crowd was big today.  Obviously I gave them something to roar about on 18 here a couple times.

Q.  And I know you touched on this right at the start but genuinely to win in China, to win outside the United States, that does ensure that you're a world player and recognised as such.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, for my own personal career, this is big for me to win outside the U.S., to say that I can travel a little bit and win instead of just one place.  So it's nice, it's nice for me to get a jump start on that and get that early before late in my career.

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