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November 7, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  Some day, isn't it?
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, it was nice.  It was a struggle.  Hit some good shots but couldn't make some putts.  Hit some bad shots and made some putts.  And then to finish that strong with a par 5, which I think you should birdie and a tough hole, 15, made a good birdie there.
But then the shorter hole, made a birdie.  And then 17, any time you have a birdie there, that's like stealing.  And then a par 5, 18, where I got lucky and hit a good chip.  It was a good finish, great round of golf or great last five holes I guess you could say.

Q.  Presumably huge smiles when you're chipping in.
BUBBA WATSON:  Yeah, for sure.  I got two chip‑ins.  One was with a 4‑wood just off the green and lob‑wedge on the other one.  Yeah, obviously you chip it in, it makes the day seem a little bit better.

Q.  You fancy that the course would play somewhat tougher this year, I suppose with the scores, the nature of them, it's proving that way?
BUBBA WATSON:  For sure.  Last year, Dustin, he kind of lit it up.  He just made every putt, hit a lot of great shots, so he lit it up.
But when you look at the little changes here and there, a couple bunkers, a couple tee boxes, a few things here and there that just make the course a little bit different:  The wind, the ball, it's not as hot, so the ball is not going as far so that makes it that much tougher.

Q.  And you're getting in the fairways.
BUBBA WATSON:  So far, it's good.  I'm hitting my driver okay, so I can't complain too bad.

Q.  Thoughts into the weekend in this position?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's kind of like where I was last year.  I was hanging around right there going into the weekend.  So I look forward to it.  Look forward to the challenge.  Hopefully I can play a little better this time on the weekend.

Q.  You kind of glossed over 16.  You said you made birdie there but didn't explain the second shot and then‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, I just look at the scorecard.  I don't look at the pick tours, right.  It's a short hole.  You think you should birdie that one.  Obviously I think I should birdie it a different way than that.
But yeah, it's one of those things where there's a couple lies around here, the fairways are a little soft, so just wasn't the best of lies.  I wish I could have teed it up a little better than that.  So I came out of it just a little bit, so tried not to hit it fat.  Flew too far.  Flew it way too far.

Q.  How far was the chip‑in?
BUBBA WATSON:  On 16?  I was only like 50 feet away, 40 feet away.  It's one of those where you try to hit it and if it lands in the right spot it can take the break and somehow it did.  It probably would have rolled probably five, six feet past.

Q.  Way the course is set up now, you see McDowell on top of the leaderboard and he's not a long hitter and then you come up.  Do you think that there's some advantage to playing this golf course with your length versus what Graeme is going to do to have in the last few days?
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, obviously anybody that plays golf says length is an advantage, but you've got to hit the fairways.  If you don't hit fairways, you don't hit the driver well, then obviously it's going to be tough.
So I'd rather be a great putter than a long hitter, if you're especially a crooked long hitter.

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