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October 18, 2014

Kevin Streelman


Q.  What is it with you and streaks?  You've become our birdie streak expert.  You got it going on the back nine.
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, it's out there.  The wind is down and the greens are rolling really nice.  My scorer, the sign kid here, was, it was so much fun watching you at Travelers, and it's like, do it again.  I was like, we'll see what we can do.  It was cool to do that, get a run.  I made two nice putts on the last two, as well.  Those didn't get in, but I just wanted to get myself in position.

Q.  The key to scoring today, was it a combination of the wind laying down and everybody getting to see the golf course at the same time?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, it could have been.  I'd say the greens early were a touch softer than they were the last few days, but with firm greens the pins were very difficult to get to, but today it seemed like from the fairway you could attack most of them.

Q.  You hit it close today.  Can you actually squeeze some more out of this golf course tomorrow?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, I hope so.  The putter feels good, and kind of did a little switch to my swing, kind of stop trying to hit draws and hit more cuts and got the club in front of me a little more.  Wayne is helping me out with that a little bit.  It's going the right direction.

Q.  How much fun was it out there?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  My sign kid, who's a big fan, he's like, do what you did at Travelers for me on the back nine, and I was like, all right, we'll see what we can do.  We just kind of got on a run.  The putter felt great.  It's a shame, I hit two good putts on 17 and 18, as well.  I just wanted to get myself in position, which we've done, so we'll see what we can do tomorrow.

Q.  When players get on these birdie streaks, some of them kind of look around and say, oh, my gosh, they feel uncomfortable.  You seem to not only feel comfortable but you kind of put your foot on the floor a little more.  What's it like when you get on that streak?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I enjoy it.  I grew up playing attack golf and playing the mini‑Tours out in Phoenix where you had to shoot really low each week to make any money, so when the putter is feeling good, I feel comfortable just attacking.  I enjoy that part of the game.  To me that's a lot of fun.  It's my favorite type of golf.  I enjoy this golf course.

Q.  Now that you're in this position, tomorrow do you still feel like you've got to attack just as much?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, yeah, I was thinking you're probably going to have to get close to 20 to win the tournament.  Hopefully no one runs away too much this afternoon.  But if we're within a couple shots, I think maybe a 6‑under tomorrow could get it done.

Q.  When did the standard bearer say that to you?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  When we made the turn at 10.

Q.  You're buddies with him?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, he followed me during the pro‑am a little bit.  We kind of put him under our wing a little bit.  Really nice kid.

Q.  You said the greens were a little bit softer today?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, we found a couple that spun a touch.  The last few days were really firmer than I remember them there.  You could tell with the overcast maybe, but they're in beautiful shape.  When the wind is down, PGA TOUR players are going to make a lot of birdies.  I think it's fun to watch.

Q.  With a tightly bunched leaderboard and if things are a little bit softer again tomorrow, does it make things easier to just keep making birdies?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I think so, yeah.  Fortunate to have a win last year, I've got nothing to lose.  I'm just going to go out and attack and have a lot of fun.  That's what I'm here for.  I've got my parents here, got some of my sponsors here and my daughter is here.  I've got a week off going home tomorrow night to Phoenix regardless of what I shoot.  I'm going to attack, and if the putter stays hot, I think I'll have a good shot.

Q.  It's going to be a crazy finish tomorrow, guys grinding all over the joint?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  Yeah, if it's like this weather out, it's going to come down to the last shot.

Q.  What was the lowest you put up on the Gateway Tour for 54?
KEVIN STREELMAN:  I don't know.  I had a couple‑‑ I had about a 67 scoring average for one whole summer there.  You had to shoot 5‑under each day or else you'd get lapped, so you just kind of got accustomed to shooting mid 60s and not afraid of getting close to the 50s.  You had to do that to make any money.

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