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October 15, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.  You must be feeling satisfied?
PAUL CASEY:¬† I feel great with that.¬† Jamie was always going to be an extremely difficult match.¬† He's probably fatigued coming off the back of all the golf he's played recently but his performance at The Ryder Cup illustrates how good a golfer he is and how good of a match‑play player he is.¬† I knew it was going tricky out there, and I played some wonderful stuff.
I'm going to head to the putting green because I feel I didn't putt my best.¬† But getting off to winning start, and in this format the way it's changed through the years; the fact that we are now hanging around for three days, yeah, it's not quite as life‑and‑death.¬† But the last thing you want to be doing is be on the back foot after day one.¬† So it feels great to get some points on the board and we are off and running.

Q.  How does it feel to be sort of in the field here as part of an elite group?  It's always an elite group for The World Match Play.  Do you feel that you're kind of really bouncing back with a heck of a lot of vigour in career terms at the moment?
PAUL CASEY:¬† I do.¬† I feel fortunate to be in the field this week.¬† I'm here courtesy of an invite.¬† The form has been good recently.¬† I know I'm a past winner of this event back in 2006, match‑play record is good.
Yeah, I think there's lots of reasons why I was fortunate to get the nod:  Englishman, they needed one in the field, didn't they.  But I've been playing some really good stuff.  The victory in Holland is an illustration of that.  I've played an awful lot of golf this year trying to do both tours again.
I'm very, very happy with the game and the way I struck it on the golf course was some of my best stuff.¬† Certainly some of the best stuff I've had this year in terms of ball‑striking, and I feel really good about that.¬† I feel really good, no matter what happens the rest of this week, I feel very optimistic about what days ahead and the years ahead.

Q.  A lot of golf to be played this year.  What are your objectives?
PAUL CASEY:¬† Back in the Top‑50 is the immediate one.¬† That frees up the schedule nicely and makes it very, very easy to plan.¬† I'm kind of in that no‑man's land of just outside and it's difficult, especially with trying to do PGA TOUR and European Tour.¬† But I'm playing good and really I'm just one good performance away from jumping into that Top‑50, and this is a great event to be in if you want to grab some World Ranking points.
When you're in the Top‑50 and you're in these sorts of things, I'll be the first to admit, I was there for a long time; it's easy to hang around and as soon as you're outside, it's difficult getting back in, so I need to take this opportunity this week.
I've always liked having a challenge, and it's a great‑‑ yeah, I'm not going to deny, it's just great to do what I do.¬† Whether I'm in the Top‑50 or not is irrelevant.¬† It's nice to have that sort of carrot being sort of dangled out there because it opens a lot of doors but by no means are things hard right now.¬† I love doing this.
There's no added pressure.¬† Every match I'm going to play this week is going to be tense.¬† It's going to be difficult.¬† It's going to require a lot of good golf and putts to be holed, and that added goal of Top‑50 doesn't in any way make it any more difficult.¬† It's already extremely difficult.

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