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October 15, 2014

Bubba Watson


JULIUS MASON: So Bubba, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf had to be determined with a playoff.

BUBBA WATSON: Are you waiting on me?


BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, it did. Martin played great for two days. Somehow, I made that run of birdies on some tough holes in tough windy conditions. So really, when you think about it, Martin played the best all week, putted well. Hit a lot of solid shots. He didn't really hit too many wayward shots and came away as the champion.

JULIUS MASON: And it comes down to a playoff, like we said. Is there any shot you would like back as you look back at it.

BUBBA WATSON: Obviously that last putt. That's the simple one. I thought I hit a great putt. Stroked it well. I'm guessing wind bounce, whatever you want to call it, it went this way, there's no way that ball should go that way, unless it's wind forced. So, just one of those things. It was Martin's time and not my time.

JULIUS MASON: Questions?

Q. What yardage and club did you have at 18 in the playoff?
BUBBA WATSON: We figured out with hill, with hill and everything, not wind, but hill and everything, it was 129. So I hit a 52 degree. Just taking some off of it to knock it down because I felt like if I hit the sand wedge the 56 degree, it would just had the chance to spin down the slope. So I hit a great shot in there.

Q. Could you briefly address your second shots at 10 and 12. Probably would have expected better chances to score better?
BUBBA WATSON: Yeah, but if you know the game of golf and you're a golf nut, you know that into the grain wedge shots are not easy. Maybe for you they are, but for me they're really tough. So, I hit a great shot, it's 57 yards to the hole from the middle of the fairway into the grain. Landed into the grain, and that wind gust on 10, I thought I hit a great shot and it just spun off the green. No. 12 is the more difficult shot, because it's straight down wind. So again, grainy grass, this kind of grass is very difficult for short shots. That's why I knew the shot off the tee was terrible. Because I knew what I had faced. So, downwind, grainy grass, trying to hit a 48 yard pitch shot is not my expertise. I don't know about yours, but. So then again I thought I hit a good chip shot bumping it into the grain. This time the grain didn't grab, it went past the hole and made a quick bogey. I knew off the tee I was trying to hit a hard, hard as I could and to the right because I hit it to the right you're going back into the wind. So I was going down wind and I knew it was very difficult. Hopefully, I could do better than that, but.

Q. After a great birdie on 16, two stroke lead you take us through what happened on 17.
BUBBA WATSON: It surprised me with the tee up. I didn't expect the tee up. So, the tee up really handcuffs me, with the wind like it was today. Truthfully, if we look at it hindsight, it's easy to look back, but if this was a four-day tournament we were playing, it would probably be a 4-wood off the tee or a 3-iron with that tee location. Today, I was just let's try to see how manly I am with the driver and I wasn't very manly, I hit it in the water. But it was one of those things where it's, you had a good swing on 16, you had a bad swing on 17. If it was the other way around, we wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place.

Q. How far was your birdie putt in regulation on 18?
BUBBA WATSON: I would say 15 feet. 18 feet. 15 feet maybe. I would say 18 feet.

Q. You said earlier in the week that when you came to this course you remembered everything and it was either a blessing or a curse. I was just wondering if there was any thought back to the second round in 2012 when you started whether that was in your mind at all.
BUBBA WATSON: With what? I don't understand the question. In 2012 I did what?

Q. 71 in the second round I believe.
BUBBA WATSON: Oh. Yeah, 2012, I wasn't hitting the ball very good when I got here. I didn't play very good in the wind. This year I was hitting the ball great, just wasn't making any putts. I couldn't ask for better out of my driver and my irons. My putter, I hit great putts, they just didn't want to go in this week. That's how golf is sometimes.

JULIUS MASON: Thanks for kicking it with us this week, my friend.

BUBBA WATSON: All right. Thank you.
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