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October 14, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.  Nice to see you, match play event in Britain, what could be better?
PAUL CASEY:  Sunny Britain.  It's great to be back in the U.K.  We're just on the outskirts of London at The London Club.  Wentworth was the spiritual home of this tournament for so long; although it went away to some warmer climates, it's great to be back.
I think the players are really looking forward to this week, and I think the spectators are going to turn out in force and hopefully it's going to be a legendary match play just like the years past that we had just down the road.

Q.  Some interesting match‑ups this week, Jamie Donaldson, Patrick Reed and Jonas Blixt.  What do you make of those opponents?
PAUL CASEY:  All very tough.  Jamie is coming off a fantastic Ryder Cup.  Patrick played well at Ryder Cup, as well.  Jonas, I've played with him many a time.  And you just don't know; every guy in this field of 16 is very, very capable of winning this championship this week.  With 18 holes of match play it's a little bit like a sprint.
So you just don't know.  The saving grace is the fact that we are now playing this kind of group format so you at least have three days here to get yourself into the knock out stages on the weekend, unlike the Match Play when I won it back in 2006, which was straight knock‑out, everything was on the line, every single putt, every single hole.  You get more of a break this week but that doesn't make it that much easier.  Still going to be a tough task.

Q.  Former winner of this event and recent winner on The European Tour, you must be fairly confident.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, but it's also match play.  I know that anything can happen in this format.  I'm good at match play.  I know that.  The form is good.  I'm feeling great about the game.  Becoming a dad a few weeks ago is also something which putts this in perspective.
So I'm going to go out there with a relaxed attitude but you know, the fire will be in there and if I play good golf, I feel like I'm tough to beat but you never know what you're going to come up against.

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