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September 27, 2014

Patrick Reed

Jordan Spieth


Q. How big a point is this for the United States?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, it's huge. You could tell when we turned our match around, it seemed like every match started to turn around. Guys behind us went from 1-down to 1-up, and the guys ahead of us were playing such consistent golf. I think at the worst, we were up in one and tied in the other three. So we knew we were off go a good start and we knew this morning was a really big time for us to get back and get square. Hopefully those guys behind can do it. We did our part this morning, and we're going to try to do the same this afternoon.

Q. You did. How much do you enjoy playing with this man?
PATRICK REED: I enjoyed it a lot. It's easy when a guy hits so many fairways and so many greens and makes his putts. The main thing is just get focused for this afternoon, figure out our strategy what we are going to do and go out and play some good golf.

Q. How much did you use the disappointment of yesterday to go out and fuel the fire and redeliver today?
JORDAN SPIETH: I think that may have been exaggerated a bit. We are doing what Tom tells us to do and we trust what he says is best for the team. So yeah, I mean, we were -- we played really well yesterday, but maybe that was -- to just sit us for a little more rest this afternoon and tomorrow's singles. You can look at it a bunch of different ways but I don't think that had any fuel for this morning. I think this morning, we got out, we got off to the same exact routine that we had done before and that's what we are going to do this afternoon.
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