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September 25, 2014

Patrick Reed

Jordan Spieth


Q. Gentlemen, just your comment about being out there in the fire, first time out against Gallagher and Poulter.
PATRICK REED: I'm excited. I can't wait to get out there and I couldn't have a better teammate. I've played a lot of golf with him, not only as a professional golfer, but Junior and Amateur golf. I think it's a comforting factor for us and I think we'll go out there and kill it.

Q. Estimate how many times you've played with Jordan?
PATRICK REED: Too many to count.

Q. All over, right?

Q. Just your feelings about going against a very high powered group like that?
JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think you could have picked out two people that we want to play against more. I mean, get out there against Ian, obviously, with his Ryder Cup history and fire. I feel like our job is to win a point. We can do that with those two guys. We're going to really lower their team morale, I feel like. I think our match is very important in the morning. We'll get out and get plenty of rest and be ready to go.

Q. How would you evaluate the week you've had so far for practise?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's been incredible. Patrick and I have played together now for a few days and we're getting to peak at the right time.

Q. Patrick, how would you evaluate your week?
PATRICK REED: I've been hitting it great and I can't wait.

Q. Have you faced Poulter before in any type of match-ups or anything like all?
PATRICK REED: I've played with him in normal stroke play in a PGA TOUR event. He's a great guy, a great competitor, and he shows how much of a competitor he is, especially with his record in match play.

Q. Have you faced in any type competition?
JORDAN SPIETH: I haven't. I haven't been paired with him either. Here and there in passing we say hi and small talk, but this is a different venue. There won't be much small talk..
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