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September 25, 2014

Webb Simpson

Bubba Watson


WEBB SIMPSON: We're excited. We love leading off. We love getting off to a quick start, and should be a good pairing for us against Rose and Stenson. They're obviously great players. We have to go out and take care of business early.

Q. Bubba, similar thought?
BUBBA WATSON: First of all, I had to explain to Webb that we were playing at 7.35, so he was like, whoa, whoa, that's a little early for me, buddy. We'll have a couple of coffees and we'll be ready to go.

Q. You guys had a lot of success your first time out in '12 at Medinah. You beat Laurie and Hanson 5&4. Keys to your success you feel tomorrow?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's going to be a tough day with the weather. If we keep it in front of us, keep two balls in play, I think that will be big.

Q. Bubba, keys for your success tomorrow?
BUBBA WATSON: It's about making putts. You know, hit the fairways, hit the tee shots good, always try to put pressure on the other guys. That's what you got to do. You've got to hit the middle of the greens, or hit it close to the holes and try to make a few putts here and there.

Q. A lot of talk about the US Team needing to get off to a quick start. Do you feel that sense of urgency?
BUBBA WATSON: We saw in 2012 that obviously a hot start is not the key; it's about finishing. Obviously a hot start is better than not having a hot start. It's better for morale and better for everything like that.

Q. I would imagine it's a great honour to be the first two on the tee for the 40th Ryder Cup?
WEBB SIMPSON: For sure, when the captain says you're going to be first off that obviously gives you a lot of confidence because he trusts you. He trusts you to do the right things and perform at a high level.

Q. Speak just for a second of being that first off and what that means to you. When Tom told you that, how did that feel?
WEBB SIMPSON: It's great. Bubba and I just don't like sitting around and Tom knows that. He's been a great captain already as kind of following his instincts, as a captain should, but also listening to the players and their desires. We don't like to warm up long. We're ready to go. We don't want to sit around and watch. We want to go play golf, so that's what we're going to do..
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