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September 5, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q. Talk about the round today. Maybe how the course changed after the rain.
BUBBA WATSON: It was a little softer today. The fairways weren't running as much, because of the softness. The greens were a little softer. So, when you're doing that you could hit different shots off the tees, you can plan for it to stay in the fairways a little bit more. And then the greens were receptive. The wind was a little bit stronger I think today, but the golf course was a little softer, so it equalled out.

Q. Was this a day when you saw it was raining overnight that you thought that it would be a day to score well?
BUBBA WATSON: No, I didn't really think of that. The golf course is very tough. I'm just out there trying to make pars and maybe a couple birdies. I saw yesterday there was a couple scores that were good early, and they came back a little bit. But 3-under, so today a little bit softer conditions, you can make putts and can score. That's what it shows today. Somehow, I made a few putts so I shot 4-under.

Q. Is this a different golf course to kind of guess at a target score that might win?
BUBBA WATSON: I don't think we ever try to guess it. But you got to look at 5. 5 is normally a par-5, and we're playing it as a par-4. I'm thinking they added a tee on number 8. So, that made it 280 yards. So, I'm guessing that some of the holes have been switched. Some of the holes are playing tougher because of the length, so you can't really guess the score. When people say like this is going to win, that's going to win, it's all about how they set the golf course up. They can make it as hard as they want or as easy as they want.

Q. With the altitude, shorter holes, does it make it a fun course?
BUBBA WATSON: Well, it's fun if you're hitting your driver well. If you're not hitting your driver well, then it's not that fun. But you calculate what you're doing, how you're hitting it off the tee. Calculate if you're hitting your driver well. And with the distances, you don't really look at the yardage. If you go off 10 percent, look at the total yardage of the course and take off 10 percent. I think it's roughly 7,000 yards if you do that. If you look at it that way, it's a lot shorter than a normal course we play.

Q. Are you hitting many drivers?
BUBBA WATSON: I'm hitting quite a few drivers. Yeah. Hitting it all right. Trying to hit them as hard as I can so it gets way down there.

Q. What about on 17. How far was that for you today?
BUBBA WATSON: What's 17?

Q. Par-5?
BUBBA WATSON: Oh, yeah, yesterday I hit it over the cross bunkers as well. Hit 8-iron yesterday to that front pin. I wanted to go past the pin. Didn't want to come up short in the water. So I made birdie. Today it was 9-iron. Stronger wind today, same kind of wind, but stronger wind. So, it was a 9-iron today. Obviously, I guessed right on the yardage and everything. It trickled up there to about six feet.
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