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September 4, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q. Six birdies on Thursday, good start, 67 to get things going for you. How would you assess the day?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was great. I got off to a good start. I birdied the first hole, so that was nice. Cameron, my instructor came and Damon, my trainer came, which they don't come very often, so we got some good work in the last couple days on a short week. So, I felt comfortable when we started out and six birdies is nice when most of them were short putts. I just felt like I played pretty well, took the stress out of the round.

Q. What in particular did you work on with Cameron that you were able to translate over to the golf course?
JORDAN SPIETH: A lot of it was working on getting the ball up in the air more. My swing was fine, I didn't need to worry about my swing. It was about kind of at impact, making sure I had it in the right place to launch the ball up in the air. The altitude and the fact that the greens are very firm, I need to be coming in a little higher. So, we worked on that. It seemed to work a lot better. Drove the ball a lot better, too.

Q. A lot of players have not seen this golf course. You're an exception, 2012 U.S. Amateur. What are the memories and how did it help you to come back here two years later?
JORDAN SPIETH: Oh, great, I got knocked out in the first round, but I feel like I played a really solid tournament. In stroke play and match play. I really like the golf course. It's nice to be back. It's nice to stay with the same family I stayed with back then. I kind of almost feel like I'm back at a U.S. Amateur or a college event this week. So, yeah, just to be back here and to see the golf course and understand that this is one of the very few events where I may have more experience than a lot of the guys. So, I'll take that mental attitude the next few days.

Q. Well played out there. Six birdies today. Couple bogeys out there. But the golf course played pretty tough?
JORDAN SPIETH: It did. I had two bogeys in a row on 14 and 15 there. Those are two really good holes, I just didn't hit a good tee shot. But, I bounced back nicely to make birdie on 17, and then 3 to get back under par and get it to even and to post a 67, as well. So, it was nice to have the shorter length bumps, and I took advantage of the shorter holes with the north wind today to not -- to take the stress out of that round.

Q. How big of a challenge is it for you to deal with the altitude and elevation here?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, it's just a little adjustment. I mean, today there's such a nice day, similar to last couple days. But, when it cools off maybe -- if it's colder the rest of the week, that might be a little harder to adjust. But it's playing around 10 percent. So, that's about what we figured it. So, the distance control was right on today.

Q. Second time in the FedExCup playoffs, do you feel like you know what you need to do to continue your solid play?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, definitely. Last year -- that was a dream playoffs for me. I didn't get a win, but a couple really good finishes and moved up to second. If you move forward from the time you start the playoffs to the time you finish, you know you did something well. So, that's the goal this year. Right now I'm down a couple spots from where I started, but I'm in a good position this week to try to work my way to where next week I could be dangerous.

Q. Gary said that was as firm a golf course as he's ever played.
JORDAN SPIETH: Gary said that?

Q. What do you think?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I mean it was certainly firm. I don't know about the firmest ever, but what was difficult about it was just in front of the green, the three paces in front of the green was soft. So, if you land it on the green, it takes a big old bounce to the middle. But, if you land it short, it sticks. So, that was really challenging. That's something that it seemed like Cherry Hills here and the TOUR wanted the lower -- didn't want us going too low out here. So, it definitely played very difficult. Anything under par is a good score. So, I was really pleased to take advantage of the easy holes. 17, 1, 3, getting short birdie putts on those was really key to the success today. My short game's never been as good as it was today.

Q. It's usually pretty good, too, isn't it?
JORDAN SPIETH: Well, sometimes. Here and there. Depends on the day.

Q. You're saying you had a good short game today?
JORDAN SPIETH: Today I had a good short game.

Q. Talk about the crowds out here today, kind of the experience in Denver so far?
JORDAN SPIETH: It's been awesome. You can see it from our first tee shot, playing number 10, they were just lined down the fairway, three deep. Didn't seem like there was that many people out here when we were warming up and then you get right there and then it was crazy. Really good crowds, really respectful, but out there to have a good time and cheer on their favorite players. It was cool to have a good gallery in our group, too, to feed off of it.
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