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August 17, 2014

Heath Slocum


HEATH SLOCUM:  17, awkward lie.  One of those things where one of my tendencies is to get underneath the shots.  I've been playing great.  With that lie, if anything, I'm going to hit that shot fat.
I was taking dead aim.  I just hit a bad everything.  Misread the putt.  18, I got a good break.  Just hitting it right and pretty good second shot.
Maybe I try to two-putt and make sure I give myself a close putt but, at the time, you got to get that close.  Situation where you get a chance of maybe win a golf tournament.
You know, I mean it hit it too hard obviously but I was trying to make sure I got it there.  And I hit a poor putt the second one.  Kind of one of those you just have to be so precise on those little downhills ones and I just left the face open.
Obviously terribly disappointed.  I felt like I had a good opportunity but at the same time I played great.  Had some spurts today that were fantastic and just too many mistakes.

Q.  Was there a lot of debate with your caddy about going with the putt on 18?
HEATH SLOCUM:  Didn't think about it.  It wasn't a fact that -- I was trying to make sure -- I was trying to make the putt.  So, I mean should I have hit a better putt and -- doesn't matter.  I was trying to make it.  Even say that trying to two-putt, I don't know.  Let me just give this ball -- it wasn't into the grain or as slow as some of the uphill putts had been, you know.

Q.  Does it matter trying to win the golf tournament rather than the conservative two-putt and maybe keep your card, whatever, right?
HEATH SLOCUM:  Maybe.  I don't know.  I was trying to make the putt.  Two putts should be -- I don't mean should be, not that difficult.  I hit it too hard.  But I was definitely trying to get it.

Q.  The chip at 17, what happened there?
HEATH SLOCUM:  Absolutely just kind of missed it.  Just hit on the bottom of the club.  Really trying to drive it in that hill and just mishit it enough that it just took into that green, took everything off of it.  I mean under those shots you have to be so precise.

Q.  Did you do the math in there of what the par putt at 18 might have cost you?
HEATH SLOCUM:  I have no idea.  I don't do that math.

Q.  Par would have kept your card.
HEATH SLOCUM:  I heard -- I kind of thought like tied for 3rd or better.

Q.  You had no sense before that putt, the first putt, a birdie putt at 18 that two putts would keep your card?
HEATH SLOCUM:  No, but I figure.  I know kind of what I was where I was.  At that point -- yes, absolutely.  I wasn't thinking about trying to two-putt.  I mean I was trying to make that putt.

Q.  The silver lining is that you're playing well going to the Web.com Finals.  Is that the silver lining?
HEATH SLOCUM:  Like I said at the beginning of the week, I was trying to create some momentum.  To get so close, yeah, it's tough.  I felt like my game was good this week and, like I said, made too many mistakes.

Q.  What was your emotion like?  You played your last four, five, six holes without a par, the ups and downs of the back-9.
HEATH SLOCUM:  I got to 14 and I don't know what else to do there.  I hit about as good a 7-iron as I could ever hit right at the hole.  I guess it just -- I mean, yeah, I played well.  I made some putts, missed some putts.  At the end of the day --

Q.  Battled down the stretch.  You came to 18 (indiscernible).
HEATH SLOCUM:  The putt when I obviously -- I mean I kind of knew that I needed to two-putt to make sure to get my card.  I knew I had to have a one putt to force a playoff.  Again, I mean I don't know what to say other than I was trying to make it.
You know, hopefully you try to make it and leave it -- if you don't make it leave yourself a relatively short putt.  I tried to make sure I got it there.  But, at the same time, I was trying to hit a good putt.
The second one I knew it was on the line.  I didn't hit a good putt, I'll be honest.  That's one that was downhill from any kind of grain you just have to hit it so perfect.  I just made too many mistakes today.  I played good, good at times.  I made some putts maybe I shouldn't have made but, overall, I said at the beginning of the week I wanted to give myself a chance on Sunday and I had a chance to actually win this golf tournament and I came up short and what I'll do, I'll kind of regroup, take a week off, enjoy my family and go see my mom and get ready for the next one.

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