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August 14, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.   Paul, well done today, five birdies, no bogies.  Your thoughts on how you had played.
PAUL CASEY:  Very happy.  It was nice and clean.  You saw most of it.  What do you think?  Yeah, you know, couple of loose shots in there but I was really, really happy with that.  It's a great way to start this week.
It's a golf course I love.  I haven't necessarily played well around here.  I love this event, I love coming out here, the people, and it's great to get off to a good start like that.

Q.  Let me ask you about the great save at the par 3, 12th.  You missed the green left, you had nothing to work with.  That was on the down slope.  You make the putt coming back.  That was huge.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  I was joking with Luke Guthrie do I get an assist on that because I gave him the line as well on his birdie.
It was a rubbish attempt with a fade on there.  I aimed left and double crossed it and missed the green left which is a disastrous place to miss it.  I played a wonderful, as good as I could play, shot back on to the green which left myself 12, 15 feet, something like that.
Happy to make the putt and really it was one that kept the momentum going.  If I hadn't made that, you know, suddenly I feel like I've played good golf but 2-under, it felt like more than a shot difference making that putt.
So, it was great to keep the round going.

Q.  16 of 18 greens on any golf course is pretty darn good.
PAUL CASEY:  I didn't realize.  Yeah.  Especially when I missed a couple of fairways coming out of the rough.  You get huge flyers around here.  Combination of the heat and the grass type.
I'm very happy with that.  That's the plan for the week.  If you can continue to do that, you're going to give yourself a good chance and I'm happy.  I'm just giving myself a chance right now.

Q.  All week long you walk in the Media Center and see the FedExCup standings.  They don't go down to 125.  Everybody seems to know your name this week who is at 125?  Paul Casey.  Kind of embracing that?
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  I desperately want to be playing next week.  You know, we still have a category there which is a money category so I'm not stressing.  I've got a lot of money.  Nothing secure.
Yeah, I don't have as much stress as people think this week.  I've always been trying to play both tours, European and PGA.  It's been very, very difficult.  Although I've played some wonderful stuff this year, I've been stuck between the two.
You know, would like to not be in this position.  But, you know, I played enough golf on Tour to not worry about things too much.  I'm actually focusing on trying to give myself a chance to win this golf tournament.  If I can do that everything else will take care of itself.

Q.  Paul, nice start to the tournament.  If we can get some comments on your round today.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  Very happy with -- extremely happy with 5-under today.  Played some really great stuff out there.  The par save on 12 was really something that kept the momentum going and you know, it's a golf course I've always loved.  I've always loved being in Greensboro.  The fans are fantastic here.  I haven't necessarily played golf I wanted to in the past and, you know, now I'm kind of giving myself a shot at contending in this event this week.  Hopefully I can keep it going.

Q.  You've been telling these other guys you kind of embracing the fact that you're on 125.  You're the 125 guy.
PAUL CASEY:  I have but it's -- you know, some of these guys know there's also -- this may be the last year, we'll have to see -- also a money category as well and I'm 114 on that.  So there's less stress on -- less pressure on me than people might think although I want to be at the FedExCup.
So there's a certain amount of pressure.  But I do feel free and this isn't an all or nothing situation for me.  So I can kind of swing a little bit freer than maybe some of the other guys out there and really try to focus on winning the event.  Ultimately that's the goal.  You have to do something like that to defer the pressure.

Q.  How about the weather?
PAUL CASEY:  You're right.  It is cooler.  I don't know.  I got great tee times this week.  First off in the afternoon and I'm first off tomorrow morning.  It's a great tee time.  Always going to have good greens.  The greens are always exceptional here.  I don't know.  Maybe missing cut last week at U.S. PGA gave me a little pressure coming in this week.  Also gave me a lot of stuff to work on.  I don't know what the secret is.  I'm happy if it stays cool, though, the rest of the week.  Sunshine and coolness will be perfect.

Q.  Something about this course that plays to your style?
PAUL CASEY:  This is not an overly long golf course.  I have the ability to get the golf ball out there a long way.  I cranked one down there on 15 earlier.  I thought it was over 330 off the tee.  But because I got quite a bit of length in the tank, you know, I hit a lot of 3-irons off the tee, off this golf course and shape it.  I enjoy shaping it.
I think we play a lot of golf courses now you have to use a lot of length but maybe the shot shaping isn't necessarily required and you have to shape the golf ball around this golf course if you want to give yourself opportunities and I like the challenge that it gives you.  It raises it up.  It's pretty descriptive, what it requires you to do off the tee and into the green.  I like my chances.

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