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August 14, 2014

Heath Slocum


Q.  Six birdies.  Great back-9 when you started with those four birds.  You make a birdie at 8 and a great little save to secure that 5-under par score.
HEATH SLOCUM:  No.  No.  Played great all day.  I had a really good yardage on my last, too, and all I had to do was just hit a little solid 8.
You get a lot of the down slopes and side slopes in some of the fairways and it's tough.  Caught it just a fraction heavy.
I made a good ticklish putt coming in.  I played great all day.  It was really nice to have -- like I say, a good solid stress-free round.  To see some putts go in as well, it felt good.

Q.  Is it hard not to think about FedExCup Points, 158th on the list right now and then shooting 5-under in the 1st Round?
HEATH SLOCUM:  I'll be honest.  158th on the list.  Round 1, it's not usually on my mind.  Let's talk Sunday, maybe it will be a different story, I'm sure it will be.
I'll be honest.  If I can get myself nervous on Sunday, I'll be extremely happy, you know, to have a chance to do anything.  I feel good, I feel like what I want to do is just continue this kind of momentum and see if I want build on it.

Q.  Great playing.
HEATH SLOCUM:  Thank you.

Q.  Just want to kind of summarize your game today, 5-under.  Are you happy about?
HEATH SLOCUM:  Absolutely.  Today was a really solid, stress-free day.  I kept the ball in play.  Hit a lot of fairways.  Hit a lot of greens and I made some putts when I had to and I made a couple of good par saves that are very critical to shoot any kind of 65.

Q.  How are the greens out here?
HEATH SLOCUM:  They're still firm enough that you can hit the fairways.  Come in just even the first cut of rough it's difficult to control the spin and ball and these greens have enough undulation and speed if you're on the wrong side it will be tough golf.  Very imperative, in my opinion, to hit these fairways.

Q.  Anything about this Sedgefield course that plays to your game?
HEATH SLOCUM:  I like it.  I like the bermuda greens.  I like the challenge.  I like the way it sets up.  It's a course that I played well on and I haven't played well.  I think it's just a matter of getting some putts to drop and continue the momentum.

Q.  Obviously 5-under great score to start. Keep that momentum and 15-under going into Sunday.
HEATH SLOCUM:  I hope so, that's the case.  What I'll do, I'll go enjoy tonight's round and prepare for tomorrow's.  That's really all I can do at this point is just play a good Friday round.

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