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August 7, 2014

Bubba Watson


Q.  Start off talking about your day 1‑under for the tournament?
BUBBA WATSON:  I thought it was a good start.  I thought under par was decent.  Obviously, when I looked at the leaderboard, not that good, close to 40th place.
It was a great day other than the fact it took five hour, five hours plus to play a round of golf.

Q.  What did you think about the golf course?  What was the condition?
BUBBA WATSON:  I thought it was really good.  The golf course is in great shape.  Hopefully it doesn't get washed out tomorrow, like people are expecting.  It was a little breezy on some of the shots.  I thought it was‑‑ the golf course is very fair.
They put some pins in some good spots, but people could get to them accessible.  Obviously, a lot of people were under par today.  It's a great test, but also these guys are pretty good so they can make birdies.

Q.  Seeing the low numbers from this morning and knowing that you are going to go off tomorrow morning, does that give you some hope or confidence?
BUBBA WATSON:  I'm playing good.  I like where I'm at.  I missed a few putts here and there.  A couple of bogeys.
Other than that, it was a solid round.  Tomorrow again I haven't look at the weather, been out there for five hours, but if the weather is like it's supposed to be, it's going to be nasty tomorrow.  Obviously just wait and see how it turns out tomorrow.

Q.  (Inaudible)?
BUBBA WATSON:  It's always.  It's the PGA Tour.  It's always slow play.  That's the one rule we break every day.  That's just how it is.  I can only last about four hours.  My mind starts wondering, thinking about what kind of hotdog I was going to eat tonight.

Q.  Did it seem slower than usual today?
BUBBA WATSON:  No.  It's always this slow.  No big deal.  We're used to it.  I just got to have some to pout about.  My round was pretty good, so I can't make fun of my round.  I'll take that.

Q.  Talk about the one eagle you did have.
BUBBA WATSON:  I hit a good tee shot into the wind.  We had a 3‑iron out, but saw Rory hit an iron in there pretty good.  I switched to a 4‑iron and hit a high 4‑iron.  He drew a 4‑iron, I hit a high 4‑iron, little cut.  Just happy to roll it in.  About a 20‑, 30‑footer probably.  It was nice.

Q.  How do you prepare for tomorrow with the weather coming in?
BUBBA WATSON:  Business as usual.  You have to prepare the same way.  If we get the call or get the nod that we're going to stop play, then you change your routine a little bit.  But we have to do everything the same, hoping that we are playing on schedule.  I just wake up the same way, prepare the same way, wait for the phone call or a nudge on the shoulder that says we're not playing.

Q.  What did you think of Rory's round?
BUBBA WATSON:  Really good.  Obviously he's playing great right now.  He's probably playing the best of anybody, as the record shows the last few weeks.  Very solid, very in control of everything.  You know, even the shots where he made a bogey, I think he made double as well.  Even those, he didn't get upset.  He just knew that he was playing good enough to make birdies.  Then he did, made four in a row.  Pretty good.

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