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July 24, 2014

Kyle Stanley


Q.  How was it out there for you?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, it was good.¬† I was able to make a couple long putts on the front nine, just got off to a good start, hung in there on the back side.¬† Didn't hit it as good.¬† But got most everything up‑and‑down.
It was nice to get off to a good start.

Q.  Obviously we don't see the scores a whole lot, but describe it a little bit and the things out there that you like the most about it.
KYLE STANLEY:  You know, it's very similar to kind of the course I grew up on back home in Gig Harbor, Washington, so I feel really comfortable on it.  The back side is a little trickier with the tee balls and stuff because there's a lot more water in play.  There's really none on the front side.  But just kind of got to manage your game and put it in play, give yourself some opportunities.

Q.  You got off to a real solid, quick start.  Tell us a little bit about your day today.
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, I played well on the back nine today, which was my first nine.¬† I gave myself some opportunities, was able to make a couple long‑range putts, which was nice.¬† Kind of hung in there on my second nine.¬† I didn't hit it quite as well, but I was able to get it up‑and‑down when I needed to.¬† It was nice to get off to a good start.

Q.¬† We saw you make a couple of nice up‑and‑downs out of the bunker just to keep the round going.¬† Tell us a little bit about how important it is when you're hanging in there.
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, those are important.  I had some nice sand saves to kind of keep the momentum there and just kind of kept building on the round.  I struggled a little bit with my short game this year, especially my putting, so it's nice to see the improvement there.

Q.  It's been a bit of a struggle this year with FedExCup points.  You've got to be excited that this round is coming at just about the right time for you.
KYLE STANLEY:  Yeah, I'll tell you, it's been a pretty long year so far, but I had a nice week off last week, went home to Gig Harbor and kind of recharged, and it's the situation we're in, and we're going to try to deal with it.

Q.  You started on the back nine and went out in 30.  For you what went so well to get you off to such a great start?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† I was able to make some putts and give myself a lot of opportunities on my first nine.¬† It was nice to make a couple long‑range putts and took advantage of the par‑5 and just played a pretty solid front nine and hung in there on the back.¬† I got the ball up‑and‑down when I needed to.

Q.  This is one of four weeks left before the FedExCup Playoffs.  Right now you would not qualify if the Playoffs started today.  With that, how do you approach a week like this?
KYLE STANLEY:  Well, I mean, I've got to start playing better.  I went home to Gig Harbor last week, kind of had a nice week off to recharge.  I've been working pretty hard on my putting.  That's kind of been my down fall this year.  I've been hitting the ball fine, just haven't gotten the putts to drop.  I've been putting the time in there, and we're slowly kind of starting to see the results there.  The situation we're in is not ideal, but we're going to try to deal with it the best we can.

Q.  How did it feel out there today?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, it felt good.¬† I love this golf course.¬† It's kind of similar to the one I grew up on back home in Washington.¬† I feel pretty comfortable.¬† I hit the ball pretty well on my first nine today and was able to kind of make a few of those long‑range putts that kind of got the round going for me.

Q.¬† Sort of a tale of two nines.¬† Was it ball‑striking on the back nine or the putter that kind of let you down on the back?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, I didn't hit many greens on my second nine, which was the front, but got most everything up‑and‑down, was able to take advantage of the par‑5s.¬† Definitely hit it better on my first nine today.

Q.  That's supposed to be the tougher nine.  Do you think so, as well?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, for sure, it's definitely a little bit more demanding, especially off the tee.¬† Kind of a lot of water that comes into play and kind of have to do a good job of‑‑ it seems like you're always kind of shaping your tee shots toward it.¬† A little bit more demanding.¬† Definitely have to maybe be a little bit more precise.

Q.  Did the course firm up at all as you went along?
KYLE STANLEY:  Maybe a little bit, but the greens are still pretty soft.

Q.  You played with a couple other Clemson grads.  Did that kind of relax you going into it?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† Yeah, I've known J‑Byrd and Lucas since before I got here out on TOUR, so pretty comfortable group for us.¬† It was nice to be out there with a couple friends.

Q.  Do you see this as a week that could turn things around for the season?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† You know, we're just‑‑ I'm probably not going there yet.¬† I mean, there's a ton of golf left.¬† I'm just kind of focusing on‑‑ it's nice for me to get a round like this because it kind of shows that I'm working on some of the right things.¬† It hasn't been my best year by any means, but starting to play a little bit better.

Q.  Some of the groups earlier think there's going to be a lot more birdies out there.  Do you think the course is showing its teeth today?
KYLE STANLEY:¬† To be honest with you, I'm surprised that 5‑under is leading right now.¬† That surprises me a little bit.¬† You can take advantage of a lot of these holes if you drive it in the fairway.¬† The front nine is pretty difficult.¬† You have a couple mid‑irons into those par‑3s, and a 500‑yard par‑4.¬† It's kind of a sneaky demanding course.

Q.  What's your home course in Washington?
KYLE STANLEY:  Canterwood.

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