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July 19, 2014

Chad Pfeifer

Jeremy Roenick

Mark Rypien


THE MODERATOR:  We have a dogfight going out there.  This is a great group of guys bunched up at the top.  Jeremy, you're in the lead right now.  We know you still have a hole to play.  We're waiting to hear from the tournament officials if it's going to continue today or we'll start tomorrow.  But in the meantime, let's start with you, tell us a little bit about your round.  Obviously you hit the ball great today.
JEREMY ROENICK:  You know, I did.  I hit the ball really strong, and I think playing with these two guys, you know, especially Mark, who has won this tournament before, and Chad, who has lightened it up and everybody's watching him.  For me, I wanted to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.
So far I've hit the ball where I wanted it, and I've not made‑‑ I made one mistake.  I had a little 3‑putt, unfortunately, on 6.  But besides that, I've hit the ball exactly where I want to hit it.  I've been fortunate to do what I wanted.  Had a couple of putts fall.  So it's good.

Q.  Chad, you followed up a great opening round with another great round.  How does it feel to have two in a row for the first time?
CHAD PFEIFER:  Feels great.  Came out here.  And like I said yesterday, if I could play my game, I felt that I could be up with the contenders.  So it feels good.
I think I struggled with a few short putts today.  But other than that, I mean, I'm happy with how it's going.

Q.  I think you're on a long list of players that struggled with some short putts today.  It was tough for everybody.  Ryp, take us through your round.  You came back strong today.  Solid round.
MARK RYPIEN:  First of all, Annika hits the ball unbelievably, rightly so.  She's one of the best ball strikers there is.
Jeremy today is 3 or 4‑under on his ball.  This guy, Chad hits the golf ball as well as anybody I've seen.  I'm talking TOUR guys I've played with.  He hits the golf ball as good as anybody I've seen.  Work a little bit with that putter, he could run away with this dang thing.  He's playing great.
I am just kind of hanging in there.  I set‑‑ my tee shot on 16 set me up for the birdie perfectly (chuckling).  I got lucky.  I should have been 200 yards in the woods.  And knock down and made a birdie.
Kind of hung around.  Like all of us, we've all had putts for birdie.  The one thing J.R., we tell Chad, one thing that's hard to do here in Tahoe is make putts.
And we've all made our share.  But it's kind of the way, what you figure when you come here.

Q.  We understand they're going to try to resume in a few minutes.  As far as what it's going to take for you guys to win it tomorrow, J.R., you've been close before.  Ryp, you've won it before; you were real close last year in the playoff.  What do you think, with all the grouping near the top, do you think this is going to take to pull it off?
JEREMY ROENICK:  For me, I always come into this tournament, I love playing with the guys that have won it.  And I've played with guys that have won it every single year.  And obviously Ryp's one of them.  Whenever I can get into a foursome with Mark, who is a very good friend of mine, it really puts a lot of ease to me.
So I'm hoping he makes a birdie on 18 and the three of us‑‑
MARK RYPIEN:  Have to make a par, that's all.
JEREMY ROENICK:  The three of us can play again tomorrow, because I think today has been one of my more fun rounds that I've ever played in this tournament, for a lot of reasons.
I think watching Chad and what Mark said about the way that Chad hits the ball, it's truly spectacular to watch him strike the ball.
There's no handicap in him.  There's no handicap in Chad, in my opinion.  This guy is a true blue competitor.  We're professional athletes and we're watching a guy who comes out here.
MARK RYPIEN:  We're watching our hero.
JEREMY ROENICK:  We're watching a guy we look up to.  There's no handicap in him.  I'm trying to hit the ball to make sure I stay up with Chad right now.  And I think that says a lot.  And I hope we play again together tomorrow.

Q.  Chad, your thoughts?
CHAD PFEIFER:  I'd love to play with these guys again.  I've had a blast today.  They're both great players, and it means a lot for them to say that about me.
But, yeah, really had a great time today and hopefully we can all go out and finish strong if we get it back out there today, all except Jeremy.
JEREMY ROENICK:  We're going to get out there again today but doesn't mean I want to beat him real bad‑‑ by the way, I want to focus on, I want to talk about the 14th hole, I did a little bird flip to a friend of mine.
So anybody that saw that on television or whatever, I was having fun to a very, very good friend of mine who was giving me a lot of crap from the sidelines.  So I apologize if anybody saw‑‑
MARK RYPIEN:  The crap he gave him:  He hit an unbelievable bunker shot to about four feet.  Of course his buddy goes, "Annika hit it better than you did." (Laugher)
JEREMY ROENICK:  So I apologize.  I apologize to anybody that saw that little gesture, but I was having fun with a friend of mine.  So no bad will, okay.

Q.  The announcer believed you were telling him he was No. 1.  (Laughter).

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