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July 13, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.  Finish wasn't what you wanted but nine birdies today is a good day's work.
PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, I was very happy with that.  Yes, I got stuck in a bunker down the last but it was a cracking round of golf.  I made a couple of errors, hit in a ditch, hit in a bunker here and there but played some wonderful stuff and really, really happy with that.  Nine birdies is a lot on any links golf course.

Q.  What was the outlook?
PAUL CASEY:  Trying to keep the 9s off the cards.  I was all 5‑up through the first today which was a big bonus.
It's been wonderful preparation for next week, but you know, this is still a major tournament and its own right.  So I wanted to play as good as I could, outside chance of a Top‑10, lots of World Ranking points to play for.  There's multiple reasons to go out there and attack the golf course today.
I admit, I think my priorities changed; coming into this week as very much a prep for next week, but that changed as the week went on and I was very much into today trying to get the most out of it.

Q.  We didn't see you at The Open last year,  and this is the first time for a couple of years; how excited are you about that?
PAUL CASEY:  Very excited.  I was down there on last Sunday a week ago playing.  I've thrown away 2006 yardage book because it doesn't need to be useful for this year.  There's a lot of new bunkers and changes that have gone on down there but excited.
It was a wonderful venue the last time we were there.  The golf Tiger played was astonishing.  Monstrous crowds.  I don't know of an Open venue that gets a bigger crowd than that part of the world with Liverpool and Manchester being so close.
So very, very excited.  It's a golf course I enjoy.  I think I can play well around there, and hopefully the sun's out, because this has been cold this week, even though it has not been cold for this part of the world, I'm looking forward to some sunshine.

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