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June 28, 2014

Jordan Spieth


Q. You've got progressively better: 74,70, now 69. Your thoughts on today?
JORDAN SPIETH: It was solid. I hit 15 greens after only finding 13 for the first two rounds. A little more stress-free not having to scramble around so much. Ultimately a solid round. Could have been a lot lower but at the same time, I was looking just to play some more conservative golf, put the ball on the green and give myself some looks, and I did. Hit some good putts that didn't go and hit some good ones that did go. A solid one on a difficult track, but there's a low one out there so hopefully I can capitalize tomorrow.

Q. Was anything physically or technique-wise you managed to iron out?
JORDAN SPIETH: I've been working on -- definitely been working on some stuff looking forward to the British, and this was the first week of working on it, so I knew would be a little rusty. But it's been progressively just been getting a little bit better, a little easier to do and a little getting around my body more and not so upright, getting flatter at the top and working more on kind of a cut swing, because I was a little underneath it. That's a difficult thing to do on a course like this so trust that off the tee. But each day, it's gotten just a little better, so as long as it progresses tomorrow and a couple more putts go, I can maybe backdoor a Top-10 or maybe post something really low.

Q. I noticed the wind changed directions from the first two round. How does that change the way the course is playing?
JORDAN SPIETH: In the Pro-Am rounds and practice rounds, it was even a different wind than the first three rounds. We've seen a few different golf courses; hit different clubs into holes, hit 4-iron -- I hit 5-iron one day into 18 and today I hit gap wedge. There's a mix of tee boxes and they are doing a great job of moving the ones up when it's into the breeze on most of the longer par 4s. It's challenging but very gettable. But we are seeing a different track, so it will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings us. I think it will be back to the south, which is what it was beginning of the week.
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