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June 28, 2014

Paul Casey


Q.  What are your reflections on getting up early and getting such a wonderful round under your belt?
PAUL CASEY:  Glad I got off early.  The golf course is absolutely perfect.  The rain we had yesterday has soft end it up.  You could find straighter flags, you could be aggressive but the greens have remained in wonderful shape so it really is set up for scoring out there so that's what I did.

Q.  I take it your low score on The European Tour this season and quite in time I guess.  But you've been playing well in the United States and so we knew there was low ones in you?
PAUL CASEY:  Just a case of getting the blade working.  The putting hasn't been that great and the ball‑striking has been very good, though, lately, and today was a beautiful combination of both working nicely.
Yeah, that's really the secret.  If I putt well for the remainder of the season, if I putt well tomorrow, there might be victories coming in the near future.

Q.  Did you still fancy a chance when you look up that board and see players at 12‑under?
PAUL CASEY:  I was giggling because I was thinking, they are just waking up now and they have lost the lead but I'm not going to hold it for long.  There's a whole slew of guys who are right behind me, and you know, if we don't get any kind of weather today, I fully expect somebody to go out there today and tear it to pits who is at the top of the leaderboard or near the top of the leaderboard.
I expect somebody to get to 17 or 18 by the end of the day.  I just still hope I'm still 'within‑ish' of those guys by the time I tee off tomorrow.

Q.  Certainly not bad when you might not even have been here for the weekend had it not been for a valiant finish?
PAUL CASEY:  Standing on 18 I didn't think I would be here for the weekend.  Beautiful drive, I had 132 to the flag and hit a gap wedge to two feet, foot and a half.  Then the horn went.  Nice to go back after the rain delay knowing you have a very easy putt to make the cut.
So it just shows, you never know.  I feel very satisfied about what I did yesterday and taking advantage of it today.
We don't need rain.  This golf course is absolutely perfect the way it is.  It will dry out if it stays dry.  The greens will firm up a little bit.  We don't want it to get any softer.  It's wonderful and they have done a great job this week.
I love the drive I hit down 18 and the second shot I hit was one of my best in a long time and I fired straight at it, so it's nice‑‑ I did have a good number but it's nice to know that you've aimed at something and pulled off a shot to within a foot and a half.  I was quite proud of myself.

Q.  A lot of scoring on this course.
PAUL CASEY:  62 with a bogey that day.  Bogeyed that day when I shot 62.

Q.  Course has been kind to you, hasn't it.
PAUL CASEY:  It has been kind to me, yeah.  I won money for that.  I won every Euro note they made at that time.  They had the 500,200, all the way down and I kept that 500 forever KPMG was the sponsor and they presented it.  The 500, I was in Madrid later in that the year, and I needed cash, so I went to reception to change it and they thought it was fake.

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