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June 14, 2014

Jordan Spieth


JORDAN SPIETH: I've gone 5 over on my last three holes of each of the three rounds combined, otherwise I'm sitting there with a good chance to win. So that's disappointing, but 15 through 18 are brutal golf holes. I landed the ball on the green on 17 today, it bounces over, it's a tough shot spot. And I haven't found a fairway on 18. No, I wasn't trying to push or press. I was just trying to get in with two pars there, and I would have been at even for the day, 1-under for the tournament. And at a U.S. Open for three rounds that's really, really good. Just tough finish. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but fuels the fire for tomorrow.

Q. Sounds like to me LIKE disappointment is appropriate? Do you feel disappointed or --
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, in the last two holes. As a round, as a whole, you know, I never like shooting over par, and I've got to get over that at a tournament like this. But shooting 2-over, when I fought back so hard today and made a couple of putts, after I didn't take advantage of any of the easy holes. I didn't birdie 3, didn't birdie 5. I didn't birdie 13. I didn't birdie 10. Those are the easiest holes out here. Those are the ones you have a wedge in there and you can be more aggressive. To be even par with two to go, and couldn't quite finish it. But tomorrow my goal is just to beat the golf course and post a solid round. I have no idea what the leader is at. I didn't look at any boards today and probably won't tomorrow. I assume that Martin is still going to be far out there. So if I try and beat the golf course that will be a very solid tournament for me.

Q. What's your perspective on Erik Compton's day, his round and his tournament thus par?
JORDAN SPIETH: Did he finish at 4-under?

Q. 67 at 3-under?
JORDAN SPIETH: Erik is one of the best guys out here. I actually played with him when I was an amateur back in San Antonio way back when. He was a great guy then, and obviously an incredible story. But outside of that, you know, he's got a great game, very solid, very consistent. But more importantly he's a really good guy. He's never rude to anybody. And he certainly has been very kind to me.

Q. You know the tough road to get to where you are and considering what he's been through, how amazing is it that he's been able to sort of stay the course and get to this level?
JORDAN SPIETH: Erik? Yeah, it's incredible. He's -- I can't even imagine going through something like that. I don't know the entire story, other than the two heart transplants. So just to feel the nerves, the pressure, your heart's pounding. So just to have that feeling every once in a while, especially at a U.S. Open, and to still play some very, very solid golf is -- speaks for itself there. But he's -- like I said, more importantly, I know him as a great guy. I haven't played a whole lot of golf with him, but a couple of practice rounds here and there. And it's not surprising that he's able to do that.

Q. Your scoring average was quite a bit higher. Was that because of tougher pin placements?
JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, tougher pin placements, a lot firmer. Yesterday they told us ahead of time that the greens were going to be six inches slower on the stimp meter and that they weren't able to mow the collection areas. So it's going to be a little more grass there to be able to dig into, instead of hitting off sand. But today from the get-go, I mean, this is a tournament where you kind of want to turn it on in the morning and see how the ball's reacting. Typically I don't like watching before playing, but this is one where I think it's a good idea. And I knew ahead of time Sergio was the only guy under par after half the field was on the golf course. So it was definitely going to be a lot tougher. We said on the driving range that I'd sign for even par and definitely would have at the time. And had an opportunity to play and just parred the last couple. But tomorrow I think is going to play very similar to today. I think today used almost all of the hardest pins they could possibly use on almost every hole. There were only a couple of pins that weren't as difficult. The tee on 5 made 5 easier. Then another tee up on 7 made 7 a little easier. But all in all, tomorrow actually there may be a couple of holes that are more scorable than there was today. I think today was the hardest round out of the four.

Q. Being one of the youngest guys out here, do you think there's maybe less pressure on you in some ways, and serve as an advantage to you instead of a disadvantage?
JORDAN SPIETH: I only -- no expectations or pressure that I even know about or what I do for myself. I don't read or watch or even look at anything. I don't think it's good for me. So, yeah, I don't look at myself as a favorite or underdog. I look at myself as somebody who's played against these guys. I look back at the experience I've had at the Masters and PLAYERS, being up there, what I did right and what I did wrong and what can you take from each experience. It's difficult at a tournament like this where even par is a harder score to have than at those two places. I don't think there's any less pressure or more pressure. I think that it's just go out there and play my game. And again, like I said, if I beat the golf course tomorrow that will be a good tournament for me. And it's -- it would be another solid Major for the year. Going with a couple more.

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