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R. Stout, Michael
Rachel, Don
Ramsey, Jeffrey
Ramsey, Kenneth
Ramsey, Sarah
Ramsey, Stephanie
Reddam, J. Paul
Reddam, Zillah
Redvers, David
Reeb, George
Reeves, Dean
Reeves, Jan
Reeves, Patti
Register, Lennon
Reid, Butch
Reid, Robert
Repole, Mike
Reynolds, Peter
Richardson, Chris
Ritchey, Tim
Ritvo, Katherine
Robbins, Jay
Robillard, Kris S.
Robinson, Dennis
Rochette, Joannie
Roenick, Jeremy
Romans, Dale
Rome, Jim
Rosario, Joel
Rose, Jeremy
Roth, Jaime
Roth, Larry
Roth, Nanci
Rothschild, Nat
Ryan, Kevin
Ryan, Tom
Ryerson, Jim

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