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M. Asmussen, Steven
Magnier, J.P.
Magnier, John
Magnier, M.V.
Magnusson, Mikael
Maker, Michael
Maker, Mike
Mandella, Richard
Maragh, Rajiv
March, Stephanie
Margolis, Steve
Martin, Bill
Martin, Jamie
Martin, Johns
Martinez, Willie
Masterson, Bat
Masterson, Robert
Mastrandrea, Nick
Matsunaga, Mikio
Matz, Michael
Mazzoni, Mike
Mazzoni, Nancy
McCalmont, Jamie
McCarron, Chris
McCarthy, Michael
McCarthy, Mike
McGaughey, Shug
McGaughey III, Claude R.
McGrath, Tom
McGreevy, Tom
McIlwraith, C. Wayne
McIngvale, James
McIntosh, Bob
McKee, Sam
McLaughlin, Kiaran
McPeek, Ken
McWilliam, Don
Meehan, Brian
Melnyk, Eugene
Melnyk, Laura
Miarchos-Gouce, Maria
Michael Stoute, Sir
Michaels, Lee
Migliore, Richard
Miller, Dave
Miller, Peter
Mills Fhipps, Ogden
Moore, Carl
Moore, Ryan
Moore, Valinda
Moores, John
Moquett, Ron
Mora, Leandro
Morgan, Dan
Moss, Ann
Moss, Jerome
Motion, Graham
Motion, H. Graham
Mott, Bill
Mott, William
Mulhall, Richard
Murphy, Oisin
Murtagh, John

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