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Rafalski, Brian
Rakell, Rickard
Ramage, John
Rantanen, Mikko
Rask, Tuukka
Raskob, Willie
Rasmussen, Eric
Ratchuk, Peter
Rathje, Mike
Rau, Kyle
Ray, Rob
Raymond, Mason
Reasoner, Marty
Recchi, Mark
Redden, Wade
Reekie, Joe
Regehr, Robin
Regehr, Robyn
Regier, Darcy
Reid, Dave
Reinhart, Sam
Reinprecht, Steven
Renberg, Mikael
Renney, Tom
Renzulli, Don
Ribeiro, Mike
Richard, Maurice
Richards, Brad
Richards, Justin
Richards, Mike
Richter, Mike
Ridderwall, Calle
Riessen, Michel
Rinne, Pekka
Ristolainen, Rasmus
Rita, Jani
Ritchie, Nicholas
Ritchie, Nick
Ritt, Evan
Roberts, Gary
Robinson, Larry
Robitaille, Luc
Roehl, Louie
Roenick, Jeremy
Rohlik, Steve
Roloson, Dwayne
Rolston, Brian
Romeo, Sean
Romig, Emil
Root, Jesse
Rowe, Tom
Rowney, Carter
Roy, Patrick
Royer, Remi
Rozsival, Michal
Rucchin, Steve
Rucinsky, Martin
Ruff, Lindy
Ruggiero, Angela
Ruhwedel, Chad
Rumpel, Joel
Rupp, Michael
Rupp, Mike
Rust, Bryan
Rutherford, Jim
Ruutu, Tuomo
Ryan, Bobby
Ryan, Terry
Ryder, Michael

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