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Yamada, Tetsuto
Yamamoto, Koji
Yamamoto, Yoshinobu
Yang, Dai-Kang
Yang, Euiji
Yang, Hyeon-Jong
Yang, Hyeonjong
Yang, Yao-Hsun
Yankee, Daddy
Yastrzemski, Carl
Yastrzemski, Mike
Yates, Kirby
Yeh, Chin-Hsien
Yelich, Christian
Yoon, Suk-Min
Yorgen, Charlie
Yoshida, Masataka
Yoshii, Masato
Yoshio, Itoi
Yost, Ned
Youkilis, Kevin
Young, Alex
Young, Chavez
Young, Chris
Young, Delmon
Young, G.K.
Young, Jacob
Young, Jared
Young, Michael
Young Lee, Ji
Youngdahl, Robert
Yount, Robin

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