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Cabezas, Andrew
Cabrera, Asdrubal
Cabrera, Daniel
Cabrera, Fernando
Cabrera, Melky
Cabrera, Miguel
Cabrera, Orlando
Cain, Lorenzo
Cain, Matt
Caine, Paul
Cairo, Miguel
Calhoun, Kole
Calilao, Kendrick
Callaway, Mickey
Camacho, Jose
Cameron, Mike
Caminiti, Ken
Campbell, Derek
Campbell, Drew
Campbell, Isaiah
Campbell, Tyler
Campillo, Jorge
Campos, Francisco
Camuso, Mia
Candrea, Mike
Canion, Whitney
Cannizaro, Andy
Cano, Claribel
Cano, Jose
Cano, Robinson
Canseco, Jose
Cantu, Jorge
Cantwell, Patrick
Carda, Ally
Carden, D’Arcy
Carey, Chase
Carey, Dale
Cargill, Lindsey
Carlini, Domenick
Carlson, Kaylee
Carlton, Drew
Carmona, Fausto
Carmona, William
Carol, Ginny
Carosone, Emily
Carpenter, Chris
Carpenter, Matt
Carrasco, Carlos
Carrera, Ezequiel
Carter, Chris
Carter, Gary
Carthon, Richard
Caruso, Phil
Carver, Tim
Casali, Curt
Casas, Zoe
Casey, Derek
Casey, Georgia
Casey, Pat
Casey, Sean
Cash, Kevin
Cashman, Brian
Casparius, Ben
Castilla, Vinny
Castillo, Alberto
Castillo, Diego
Castillo, Welington
Castro, Bailey
Castro, Jason
Castro, Starlin
Catalanotto, Frank
Catalotto, Frank
Cecil, Brett
Ceo, Courtney
Cepeda, Frederich
Cervais, Scott
Cervelli, Francisco
Cespedes, Yoenis
Chacin, Jhoulus
Chacin, Jhoulys
Chacon, Shawn
Chadwick, Tyler
Chafin, Kaylor
Chamberlain, Christian
Chamberlain, Joba
Chamberlain, Lauren
Champer-Harris, Lu
Chandler, Ryan
Chang, Ray
Chapman, Albertin
Chapman, Aroldis
Chapman, Matt
Chatman, DeNae
Chavanne, Raven
Chavez, Endy
Chavez, Eric
Checketts, Andrew
Cheeks, George
Chen, Bruce
Chen, Wei-Yin
Chen, Yung-Chi
Cheng, Kai-Wen
Chernin, Peter
Chestnut, Jayden
Chief John Hirschbeck, Crew
Chih-Shien, Yeh
Childress, Rob
Chinea, Chris
Chirinos, Robinson
Chisenhall, Lonnie
Chittenden, Alex
Choi, Hee-Seop
Choo, Shin-Soo
Choruby, Nick
Christensen, Sydney
Christner, Kelly
Cintron, Alex
Clapp, Stubby
Clapp, Subby
Clark, Chad
Clark, Connie
Clark, Mat
Clark, Tony
Clark, Will
Clarke, Philip
Clarke, Taylor
Clarkson, Kelly
Clemens, Kody
Clemens, Roger
Clement, Ernie
Clement, Kyle
Clement, Matt
Clemente, Luis
Clemente, Roberto
Clemente, Vera
Clevinger, Mike
Clifton, Caleigh
Clinard, Will
Clippard, Tyler
Cloney, JC
Clyde, Grant
Coats, Jason
Cobb, Alex
Cobb, Trey
Cofer, Jackson
Cogswell, Branden
Cohen, John
Coke, Phil
Colabello, Chris
Colangelo, Jerry
Colborn, Jim
Cole, Gerrit
Coleman, Jerry
Coleman, Len
Colletti, Ned
Collins, Michael
Collins, Terry
Collins, Zack
Collmenter, Josh
Colon, Bartolo
Coman, Robbie
Comeaux, Lexie
Compton, Mike
Conde, Vince
Cone, David
Conforto, Michael
Conine, Griffin
Conine, Jeff
Conley, Courtney
Conley, Devon
Connelly, Terence
Conrad, Brenn
Contreras, Jose
Contreras, Willson
Conway, Kevin
Cook, Aaron
Coolbaugh, Scott
Cooper, Blake
Cooper, Cecil
Cooper, Chris
Cooper, Don
Cooper, Kasey
Cooper, Morgan
Cooper, Riley
Cora, Alex
Corbin, Patrick
Corbin, Tim
Cordemans, Rob
Cordemans, Robbie
Cordero, Chad
Cordova, Marty
Corerra, Carlos
Cornell, Sarah
Cornett, Mick
Correa, Carlos
Correa, Carols
Costa, Koral
Costas, Bob
Costello, Conor
Costner, Kevin
Cotter, Cameron
Cotts, Neal
Counsell, Craig
Coursen-Carr, Will
Cowgill, Collin
Cox, Andrew
Cox, Bobby
Cozart, Logan
Craig, Allen
Craig, Will
Craighton, Aleah
Crain, Shane
Craport, Trevor
Crawford, Brandon
Crawford, Brooks
Crawford, Carl
Crawford, Jerry
Crawford, Jonathon
Crede, Joe
Cress, Craig
Crisp, Coco
Criswell, Cooper
Crockett, Kyle
Cron, C.J.
Cron, Kevin
Cronin, Joe
Cronin, Matt
Crownover, Matthew
Cruse, Haley
Cruz, Luis
Cruz, Nelson
Cruz, Jr., Jose
Cuas, Jose
Cuddyear, Michael
Cuddyer, Michael
Cueto, Johnny
Cuico, Kailee
Culberson, Charlie
Cumberland, Ryan
Cumbess, Lauren
Cunnane, Will
Cunningham, Alex
Cunningham, Jack
Cureton, Justin
Curry, Landon
Curry, Matt
Curry, Xzavion
Curtis, Chad
Curtiss, John
Cyr, Eric

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