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O'Brien, Bill
O'Brien, Tom
O'Connor, Tyler
O'Donnell, Cody
O'Hanlon, Matt
O'Keefe, Ken
O'Leary, Dan
O'Leary, George
O'Leary, Nick
O'Neill, Brian
Ochoa, David
Ochs, Travis
Odighizuwa, Owamagbe
Odom, Barry
Ogbah, Manuel
Ogbonna, Mazi
Ogden, Jonathan
Ogeron, Ed
Ogletree, Brandon
Ogunleye, Adewale
Oher, Michael
Ojuri, Sam
Okafor, Alex
Okam, Frank
Okruch, Vince
Olaniyan, C.J.
Olivea, Shane
Oliver, Curtis
Olsen, Eric
Olson, Grant
Olugbode, Kenneth
Omenihu, Charles
Onwualu, James
Orakpo, Brian
Orgeron, Ed
Orlando, Todd
Orr, Gary
Orr, Zach
Orsini, Steve
Oruwariye, Amani
Osborne, Tom
Osweiler, Brock
Otis, Norkeithus
Ott, Drew
Otto, Jim
Outzen, Marcus

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