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June 14, 2014

Kenny Perry


STEVE SANDS: 53 years young, he's the oldest man in the field this week here at the 2014 U.S. Open. You just finished with a 74, the final group is there on the third hole. What do they have in store for them the rest of the way today out there?

KENNY PERRY: I tell you what, it's, it was a golf course of 18 of the toughest pins I've ever seen. It was probably the hardest setup I've ever experienced in a Major Championship. Meaning that you had to be spot on with your irons, there was no room for error, right, left, you had to basically kind of play short and up to everything. Every time I got a little aggressive it went a little long and went off the swale and I'm struggling to make par. I was 7-over after seven today and I hadn't hit it that poorly. I missed a couple that looked okay and next thing I know I'm way off in a swale and I'm struggling to make a bogey. I made two doubles. But then I played, I made an eagle, I holed a long shot and made a couple birdies, so I made a respectable score.

Q. Speaking of that eagle and you said the phrase, "spot on." Take us through what you saw from 220 yards away at 14.
KENNY PERRY: I'm in a bunker, I hit a poor 5-wood off the tee and this came out perfect and it looked, I thought it was going to go over the green and then all of a sudden people started jumping up in the air and it had perfect speed on it. That's the longest shot I've ever made ever in my life, period, from 220 out of a bunker with a hybrid.

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