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June 14, 2014

Kawhi Leonard


Q.テつ What does the mentioning of Finals MVP mean to you?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ It doesn't mean anything to me.テつ Just try to go out and win the next game, and that's all I'm doing.

Q.テつ Almost like a flawless Game 4.テつ I believe you guys have been in the film session.テつ What can you guys still improve on?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ Just rotations, and trying to move the ball a little bit better.テつ That's about it.テつ Rotations on defense have to be better.

Q.テつ What is the anticipation like, Kawhi, knowing you're so close, one victory away over these next two games, to kind of keep a level head, I guess?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ It feels the same for me as any game going into it.テつ All I'm thinking about is playing.テつ I'm not worried about what if we win or lose, and we just want to go out and play.

Q.テつ And you haven't thought even for a second like imagined what a victory would be like to experience that?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ Yeah, but I just go in level headed and even keel.テつ Like I said, I'm just focused on playing the game and trying to win.

Q.テつ We're doing a side story on Dice Yamaguchi.テつ What can you tell us about Dice Yamaguchi?
KAWHI LEONARD:テつ He's a good guy.テつ Takes care of players' bodies really well.テつ He seems like he likes to learn a lot about his job, and it seems like he loves what he does.

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