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June 13, 2014

Brian Campbell


Q. It's a tough situation whatever level of professional or amateur you are to come to the U.S. Open. What was your experience like?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: It was just a dream come true. That's my ultimate goal is to play in tournaments like this. And to be here at this level of the stage was awesome. I enjoyed every second of it and don't regret anything that I did.

Q. What about this course are you going to take away as a memory? What things stand out in your mind?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I could name off a few putts that I had that I knew was under pressure. But I think just the overall experience of walking with all the process around and just being out there inside the ropes was a cool experience. And just being out on the range and being one of those guys that you always watch as a kid. It was a cool turn of events.

Q. What were the things that didn't allow you to score the number that you might want to have, complete the journey?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: Well, I think in the first round I anticipated the course was going to be a lot firmer, like it was in the practice rounds, and didn't really adapt to the softness of the greens until later. So I was, a lot of the time, aiming to the front of the greens, leaving it short and having difficult up and downs. So just kind of getting used to adapting to certain situations out there. But also ball-striking, this is a ball-striking tournament. You've got to have wedge precision with long irons coming in. That's just a U.S. Open reality. So I think there's a few things I can work on with my game and bring it next time.

Q. No doubt you'll want to come back and try another U.S. Open. It's never at the same place, so you have to rethink a lot of strategies as to how they fit your game and how they don't fit your game. What's your mission going forward for future U.S. Opens?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: I think just the same type of deal. I think I gained a lot of experience coming here. It's very difficult to get used to the change of environment. Like in college tournaments, it's very difficult than here, having a caddie and having to manage that, managing the crowds and everything. So it's just an overall different atmosphere. But I think I got used to it after the first round and I'll be better next time for it.

Q. What got you? What was the thing that tripped you up here?
BRIAN CAMPBELL: In the last round? Well, I was playing solid all day. I did make a lot of really good par saves all day that kept me right in it. But down to the last hole, hole 9, tough par-3, hit pretty good shot in there with an 8-iron, landed right over the bunker on the green and slowly started to trickle off and ended up rolling about 40 yards away from the green, which I didn't even know could happen. That was just a little unfortunate, but things like that happen. I gave it my best shot. I hit a good wedge shot to about 15 feet for par, and just didn't put enough break on it. It's the U.S. Open, I had a lot of fun, enjoyed it.

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