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June 13, 2014

Steve Kisner

Kevin Kisner


KEVIN KISNER: Obviously unless I had a chance to win I don't know if he'd have done it then. But when I doubled 16, okay, why don't you get him to do it now. So he went in with a bib, and obviously he said no, but then he came on and did it. It was a special opportunity. Who knows if you'll ever get to do it again. So I thought it was a great time to do it.

Q. What did you think when he pulled you out?
STEVE KISNER: At first I was a little concerned about interfering with the group. One of the guys still had a chance to ha the cut, and I didn't want to change the flow. But Kevin insisted and once he insisted I was glad to do it. I have no idea about Sunday, but that would have been a real treat.

Q. You had no ideas what his plans were?
STEVE KISNER: No, I did not.

Q. You weren't drinking a beer or anything out there, were you?
STEVE KISNER: Actually I had a couple out there. So I might be a good interview.

Q. He might not be the only caddie that had a few beers today. I didn't get your first name?

Q. Kevin, it's been a pretty awesome five days for you.
KEVIN KISNER: Yes yeah, it has been. I'm about as excited as I've ever been to go home and see my family and spend some time with them. I decided to take next week off. I'm going to have 11 days at home now, so that's the most I've had since January 1st. I'm looking forward to it. But this was a great week. I would never have it any other way. Obviously I wished I had played a little better. But it was a week I'll never forget, for sure.

Q. Was having that family time sort of temporary disappointment?
KEVIN KISNER: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I'll forget all about this tournament, by the time I walk in that front door. If you worry too much about tournaments on this life that we live, then you're not going to do it the right way.

Q. I'm sure you've been asked a million times. You had the baby on Monday?

Q. Talk about your preparations, how you got here?
KEVIN KISNER: I drove up here late Tuesday night, played 12 holes on Wednesday, and then we got rained out. And teed it up Thursday morning at 6:56. I think until this morning was the first time I slept past 4:30 in seven days. Not that I'm going to get any sleep when I go home. I could use some rest, I believe.

Q. You saw 1 through 12?
KEVIN KISNER: Just 1 through 12.

Q. Changing diapers before you came here?
KEVIN KISNER: I got one in and that's it. But I'm sure I'm going to get a lot more tonight.

Q. Are you pretty good?
KEVIN KISNER: I'm not real sure, but we'll find out.

Q. What was your immediate reaction when you got the call?
STEVE KISNER: At first I said no, but then Kevin insisted and I had to do it. The realized then the reason he wanted me to do it, so I couldn't turn it down.

Q. What has that moment meant to you?
STEVE KISNER: Walking down the 18th fairway I got a little choked up. But it means a lot. Kevin is a good person, and that's what's most important to me. I get told that by the other players and the people that work with the PGA that he's a good person, and that's what's most important.



Q. Have you ever caddied for him in an amateur event or junior event?
STEVE KISNER: Actually I've caddied for him in a lot of events. Probably the last time was a Mini Tour event, a professional event. But probably a couple dozen times over the years, but it's out of my league, now. I'm leaving that for the professionals.

Q. Did you teach him how to play golf?
STEVE KISNER: Well, I exposed him to it. I was an avid golfer when he was young. So it was natural for him to start playing. Once he's beaten me I've never beaten him since.

Q. How old were you when that happened?
KEVIN KISNER: I have no idea, probably 12 or 14, somewhere in that age.

Q. I know you'd have liked to have that Father's Day experience for 18 holes, but going home --
KEVIN KISNER: We'll still have a good Father's Day. We'll go to church with the family and do lunch with the family and that will be just as special.

Q. How about next Father's Day?
KEVIN KISNER: That's right.

Q. You've got other grandkids, right?

KEVIN KISNER: This is his fifth.

Q. We know the baby was born Monday, but what time of day?
KEVIN KISNER: 2:49 p.m. we went to the hospital at 5 a.m. Monday. We induced because she was due Sunday, and she didn't want to wait it out if I was playing well. So we went ahead and did it and everything worked out great.

Q. How big was she?
KEVIN KISNER: She was 7 pounds, 20 inches and three-quarters.

Q. And her name?
KEVIN KISNER: Kathleen Grace, calling her Kate.

Q. What do you think you did learn from this experience golf-wise, because you didn't get a whole lot of time on the golf course this week?
KEVIN KISNER: I think I learned I can compete. The score doesn't show how I played. I played the last four like 6 over par. It could be a little bit of one to go home on that. I played well. I think in the U.S. Open you've got to get some bounces your way, and I didn't do that today. I had a chance, I birdied 14 and still had a chance, but three-putted 15 and 16 and it was over. I learned I can do it, that's for sure. I've done it on the PGA TOUR, I can do it in the U.S. Open. I just need to get more reps in.

Q. Face Timed or Skyped at all?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, Face Timed every night. She says Kate likes to sleep during the day, and not at night. So that will be fun when I get home. Yeah, everybody is doing well. We're going to have fun and watch our kid grow up this week.

Q. You've had some week, as a father and a grandfather. Talk about all that's gone on in the last five or seven days in your life and what it means?
STEVE KISNER: Well, it's been a whirlwind. There's just been a lot of pressure and concern. Concern, first of all, that the baby is born and healthy and that the mom is okay. And then we have to regroup and think about coming to the U.S. Open and watching our son compete and hoping that he's okay and ready, and knowing what he's ready and knowing what he's having to do through to get ready to play. It didn't turn out the way he wanted it to, but I'm confident he'll be back.

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