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June 13, 2014

Erik Compton


Q. Go through the three birdies.
ERIK COMPTON: Well I was sitting in the hotel and I saw that Martin was going low, so obviously everybody has to do the same. So I played pretty aggressive to the first pin, missed it to the right. Then hit a good aggressive shot into 2. 3 also. Made a nice putt on 4. Made a great up-and-down on 5. I was in a divot in the fairway there. Then made a great up-and-down on 6. So I had the putter rolling early and then I hung in the rest of the day, hit a lot of fairways and a lot of greens. I thought the elements for the weather were the hardest thing for me to deal with. But the course, you could at least land the ball on the green and it would hold. It wasn't like you had to run shots up. But I think that, with the pressure situation, playing in the U.S. Open, and the weather is hot, I'm just glad to be done right now.

Q. Is it physically taxing on you?
ERIK COMPTON: Yeah, you think it's taxing on everyone. But I did a good job of staying hydrated and I used the cold towel and so I'm just excited to play on the weekend.

Q. So you only played nine hole practice rounds, is that right, leading up to the tournament?
ERIK COMPTON: Yeah, three, which is I think a lot of guys do the same.

Q. Did you feel like that was adequate?
ERIK COMPTON: Yeah, I felt like I was well prepared, spent a lot of time around the greens, hit a lot of chips, a lot of hybrid chips around the green and I think my stats I've hit a lot of greens in regulation so far in two days. I didn't have a crazy amount of putts from off the green, I thought.

Q. This is your second Major, is that right?

Q. Major Championships, do you feel like the conditions, the severe conditions are a good thing for your game?
ERIK COMPTON: I never quit.

Q. Do you feel like this course suits you well?
ERIK COMPTON: I do. I think the way that I'm hitting it right now, I don't have a lot of movement on the ball, if anything, I think it's moving a little left-to-right. When it hits the green, it's chipping forward instead of sideways. If you're a little bit off, this course can be really penalizing. But I wasn't really far off. The fairways that I did miss were by one or two feet. I drew some good lies and I actually made a pretty nice birdie on I think it was 14 -- no, well, I missed one on 14. But on 13 I made a nice birdie from the fescue. If I had made a few more putts towards the end of the round, I think it could have been even lower.

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