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June 13, 2014

Fran Quinn


Q. You made the cut?

Q. Talk about staying here on the weekend.
FRAN QUINN: I'm looking forward to it now. I'll be in decent shape. I would like to have been a little better shape after my round yesterday. But overall I'm very pleased. 2-over par is pretty good scoring around here. And it's -- like I just said, it's one good round from being really in the mix. So hopefully I can go out tomorrow and shoot a really good score and get back in the mix.

Q. Do you leave the golf course today disappointed?
FRAN QUINN: A little bit. Not overly disappointed, because I did not play my best golf today. I was sloppy at times. I hit a lot of good shots, but I hit a lot of shots that weren't great. And I did make -- I had a couple very good up-and-downs to save the round. But I also made some careless mental errors on 7. So I think it all evened out. I think I probably should have gotten away with 71 or 2. But having said that you can say that every day you play.

Q. Did you eat in Boston chowder last night?
FRAN QUINN: We were at the staple, Outback. You knew what you were getting. I got to bed late. I wish I had gotten to bed a little earlier. Having said that, I slept fine.

Q. Were you fielding phone calls or texting?
FRAN QUINN: No, by the time you get out of dinner, and then you've got to talk to everybody, get back to the normal world, and talk to everybody back at the house, put out a few fires and then head to sleep.

Q. Are you feeling any extra pressure this morning knowing what you did yesterday, and now you're playing in the morning where maybe the conditions might be better than what you had in the afternoon yesterday?
FRAN QUINN: Yeah. I can't say I really was overly nervous. I felt very confident. And I still feel very confident. I feel that I'm going to go out, I'll have two real good days, and we'll see what happens. But I'm very happy with the position I'm in. And like I said, I wish I was a couple lower. But I'm sure everyone in the field does. Except Martin.

Q. You hit a good tee ball on 8 after No. 7, you're walking out with you son, you looked back a couple of times at 7 or 8, what were you thinking?
FRAN QUINN: Basically how could you be that stupid? If you did your due diligence and walked underneath the hole, you knew any ball, breaking underneath that hole, is going off the green. And I didn't -- consequently I didn't play enough break and I paid the penalty.

Q. Can you believe standing here today, you could have bagged it --
FRAN QUINN: I think anybody who has played the game for 20, 25 years, four or five times in their career, always thought about not playing anymore. I play because I love the game. I know that I have the ability to compete. I love competing. And I love the challenge every day of going out and trying to beat the best players in the world.

Q. The guys on the TV said I remember him, I played with him back in the day?
FRAN QUINN: I played with all those guys. I've played with them from here all the way to here (indicating.)

Q. What were your expectations for this weekend?
FRAN QUINN: I expect to play some really good golf. I expect tomorrow, taking tomorrow and going out and playing a solid round and putting myself in the mix for Sunday. That's what I really -- I expect.

Q. Did you make the cut?
FRAN QUINN: Yes, I did.

Q. After the round you talked about your calmness, how calm you were on the course last the night. Then you came out this morning very aggressive. You went after the pin on 1, after the pin on 2, after the green on 3.

Q. What was your mindset there?
FRAN QUINN: Well, I think that the shot I hit into 1 I actually pushed, so that kind of rolled down the hill. But on 2 I hit a phenomenal second shot. That might be the best shot I hit all day. And the bunker shot I hit on 3 was tremendous, too. But those holes lended itself to that opportunity. And then you got into the golf course. Those pins starting on about six or seven got really tough.

Q. The 5 pin was nasty?
FRAN QUINN: 5 was really nasty, yeah.

Q. This Father's Day you have your son on the bag at the U.S. Open?
FRAN QUINN: It's surreal. To be able to have your 15 year old out with you, walking on the biggest stage in the world. We've talked about it and he's handled it far better than I would have at 15 years old. But he's a mature young boy. He's a very smart kid. And he's a great player. So it's a great experience for him. But I'll probably say it's a better experience for me.

Q. Seemed like you were keeping the ball below the hole. You seemed very comfortable with that. And you were putting the whole time off the green. Any of that strategy --
FRAN QUINN: A lot of it was. I know you can't play this golf course from over the green. Sometimes you do it to a fault and you get caught in between clubs and you don't make an aggressive swing, subsequently you don't hit a great shot. I think tomorrow I need to commit a little better and understand that, hey, we need to get the ball -- I'm not saying we're firing at flags, but we need to get that ball up into the middle of the green better than I did today. I didn't do as good a job today as I did yesterday.

Q. What about, seemed like the pace of play was -- you guys were waiting at 5, 6, 7?
FRAN QUINN: It was tough.

Q. (Inaudible.)
FRAN QUINN: Yes, I'm a pretty fast player. I'm definitely not somebody who's going to be knocked with two shots for slow play. And I do love playing fast. But it was very slow. You've got to pace yourself. We have that all the time out on Tour. And we see it at every event we play.

Q. What about the gallery that you played before today. Different than other events?
FRAN QUINN: It was great. I mean it's the U.S. Open. You go out there, that's -- all the stands are packed. People are cheering for you. People are rooting for you. People love the story. And, you know, it's pretty neat to see a father playing with his son caddying on the bag on Father's Day weekend. But if you really knew that boy, it's way more special than I can even put into words, because that's how great a kid test he is.

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