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June 12, 2014

Webb Simpson


Q. Was it what you expected?
WEBB SIMPSON: It was a little softer than I expected. I think, you know, maybe they got a few complaints with how firm it was Tuesday, Wednesday, or maybe just concern. So the greens were much softer, a good amount slower, but it was set up great. It was fair. It was one of those days that you played well, you'd shoot under par, and if not you could still shoot mid to high '70s. I had one of those days where it could have gone either way, it could have gone a couple under, it could have gone a few more over. I've been hitting it really well leading up to today. Didn't strike it as crisp today, so I was kind of hanging in there at the end.

Q. Is the short game your strength?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I had 3, three-putts, that's why I said it could have gone either way. I got it up and down, seemed like, on 12, 15 and 17. And you hear a lot of guys talk, the more knowledge you have, the better chance you have of getting it up and down because you know where you can miss it. And I felt like we did a really good job of that today. Our goal today is not make a double bogey, and we didn't do that, so I'm pleased with that.

Q. When you asked for the ruling on 11, what was your question, and what did they say to you?
WEBB SIMPSON: I had -- my stance was kind of touching an ant pile and I was trying to argue that it was a red ant pile. But they claimed that they sprayed that whole right side and there's no red ants. But I had a bad lie, too, so I was trying to use the rule to my advantage, but I didn't get relief.

Q. (Inaudible.)
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I prefer this native area over the Bermuda rough. More times than not, you have a shot to the green. And it seems like the sand is bare enough to where it dings off one of the bushes, it will end up in a flat spot. So I think that's why you'll see scores a little lower than what you would have with the Bermuda.

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