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June 10, 2014

Gregg Popovich


San Antonio Spurs - 111
Miami Heat - 92

Q.  You said to me on Sunday after your team lost either you move it or you die.  It seems to me that was the game plan tonight.  What can you tell us about that?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  You want me to tell you our game plan?  Is that what you asked?

Q.  I just want to ask that phrase, "Either you move it or you die."  Was it kind of influential?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  It just means move the basketball.  I mean, it's a simple game and everybody tries to move the basketball.  If you don't move it, things don't happen very well for you.

Q.  As a coach, you've had a great career.  Have you seen such an incredible first half as the one you saw tonight from you guys?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  I don't think we'll ever shoot 76% in a half ever again.

Q.  What were you looking for by going with Boris?  And did you get it?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Well, Boris is a good, all‑around basketball player, so he can do several things at both ends of the court.  And we thought that we probably would need that just to have the best opportunity to play good basketball.  He allows us to have more variety in our offense, and he's an underrated defender.

Q.  Was it anything that you said to Kawhi or anyone else said to Kawhi going into this game that led to this performance?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  We talked to Kawhi.

Q.  What did you tell him?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  That's family business.

Q.  Was there anything that he saw or you expected in Game 3 that was going to present itself in front of Kawhi that wasn't there in Games 1 and 2?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Well, we just wanted him to be who he's been the whole year, in the regular season and in the playoffs.  I think the foul situations the first two games really he overreacted to them and became very cautious, and he doesn't play like that.  He's got to be real active at both ends, and so he figured it out.

Q.  Following up on that, what else did you see different about him tonight that allows him to flourish?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  He was just himself.  I mean, I don't know what you're looking for.  That's how he's played all year long.  He's got to be one of our better players on the court or we're not good enough.  That's just the way it is.  He's got that kind of talent where‑‑ you know, it's the NBA Finals.  You can't just be mediocre out there if you want to win a game, and everybody's got to play well, and he did that.

Q.  Forgive me if you were asked this earlier, but when you guys open 19‑for‑21, is that even just a bit mind‑blowing even to you when it's happening like that in front of you?
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Oh, sure.  That's why I said that will never happen again.  I mean, that's crazy.

Q.  I wonder if you can discuss the importance of the lift you got from Tiago coming off the bench in the first half.
COACH GREGG POPOVICH:  Well, Tiago's one of those solid guys that gives us minutes, he does all the blue‑collared stuff.  Those are the kind of guys coaches love, so he does that for us.

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