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May 23, 2014

Na Li


THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  Welcome back to Paris.
NA LI:  Thank you.

Q.  So how does it feel, first of all, to be back here and to contend for the second slam of the year?
NA LI:  Yeah, feeling pretty good, actually.  I was being here Wednesday evening, so I tried to be here a little bit early to prepare for French Open.
But you can look at the weather.  It was a little bit cold, the rain, but it was okay.  I think I'm ready.

Q.  Do you prefer the conditions here to be cooler and wetter, or do you prefer it to be hot?  What suits your game better?
NA LI:  I mean, I would prefer the sunshine, but as far as no rain, for me it's okay.

Q.  When you come back to Paris, is it nothing but good memories because of 2011, or, I mean, mixed feelings because your life changed so much after that?  How do you feel when you come back here?
NA LI:  Of course it's good memory, you know.  Even after five or ten years you always cannot forget.  Even you saw your picture in the wall, you cannot forget always.
Of course you cannot do exactly the same like 2011.  You know, every year is different.
So you have to, how do you say, prepare for yourself to focus on the tournament.

Q.  Pairing with Carlos the last couple of years, how has he changed maybe your perception of or how you play in Paris?  What specific tips or advice has he given you to play here?
NA LI:  I think he's pretty smart.  He always try to change.  I think doesn't matter how's it change, how you say, I cannot lose my main point.
So I have to keep try to keep my game.  Right now I think he was working a lot for making the dropshot, slice, I can come to the net.  We training a lot, but I'm not sure I can use in the match, you know, because match is always different from practice.

Q.  We have seen you come up and play at the net on grass and hard court.  Is that still the intention here on clay or no?
NA LI:  It's very good challenge for me, you know.  So like I say before, I'm not sure I can use, because in the clay court you have to ready for the long rally.  You never know you can come.  But I will try.

Q.  You seem more consistent in the last few months than you have been at any stage really in your career.  Do you feel more consistent?  If so, is that something you try to do specially?
NA LI:  What do you mean?

Q.  Have you tried to become more consistent from tournament to tournament to tournament instead of just having very good highs and then some drops?
NA LI:  No, I always try new things.  Sometimes work and sometimes not because always new, you know.  The new thing can change so many things.
So, yeah, I wish I can doing well.  I wish I can try new thing.  Make myself or make my team happy.  Yeah.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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