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May 25, 2014

Pierre-Hugues Herbert


J. ISNER/P. Herbert
7‑6, 7‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ How do you feel after this match?テつ You did play a good match.テつ You had a break point, but that ended up being the match point and you lost in three sets.テつ So it was a good match?
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ Well, mixed feelings really.テつ I'm rather satisfied.テつ I felt like this was an extraordinary moment.テつ I've never been through anything like that.テつ Once in Bercy, but this time it was much stronger feeling.
I am disappointed that I was not able to at least get one set, but I'm rather proud of myself because I held through in something which is entirely new to me.
I don't know how many people were there shouting during the first set.テつ It wasn't easy to remain focused.
So mixed feelings really.テつ But, yes, I would have liked to have played a second match.

Q.テつ Were you tense?テつ I mean, you were playing on Lenglen, facing Isner.
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ Well, you're always tense.テつ I'm not used to this.テつ I could tap into previous experiences, like in Bercy where I managed the match rather well.テつ I had a lot of motivation.
It's always been my dream to play on such big courts and be able to watch it on TV.テつ Everybody was there.
So, yes, of course this morning I was tense in my guts, but it was a good sort of feeling, something that made me play well.

Q.テつ How did you manage the fact that you're playing John Isner when you saw the draw?テつ How did you prepare for this match?テつ Did you think maybe in three sets I'll be able to take his serve once?
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ How I managed this match?テつ Well, I'm lucky, because in my area there is one player, Olivetti, who os my age more or less, who plays like Isner, the same sort of system.
I've played him so many times, and I believe that helped me.テつ It was not like I was completely out of my depth.テつ But also I have to be humble and wait for my time.テつ Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Q.テつ Can you tell us about the two set points?テつ Would you regret the passing shot on the forehand?
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ Well, I played well in the set.テつ Love‑30 one ball went out, but not by much, and I tried to grab the opportunity.
This passing shot, I don't understand how it did not go over.テつ When I hit it, I felt that was the ball I had to hit.テつ I was very disappointed to see it hit the line.
And on the next one, maybe‑‑ you know, I mean, with ifs we could change the world.テつ But it didn't happen.テつ He played well that particular ball, and if I had won that set, maybe a couple of centimeters might have made the difference.
He might have started doubting.テつ Two sets to love was very difficult for me.

Q.テつ When you say it's even more emotional than in Bercy, are you bitter that you lost?テつ Because in Bercy you had some very good matches.テつ In spite of the fact you lost here, it's a stronger feeling?
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ Well, I did not expect the crowd to cheer for me so much.テつ I did not expect so much noise.テつ Everybody says that the French crowds are not very good crowds, but I've never felt so supported.テつ There were so many people cheering for me.
May be you as journalists are not interested, but I want to say thank you to the crowd.テつ Thank you for giving me the chance to experience this.テつ People kept saying the was unbelievable, not the usual sort of atmosphere.テつ So it was just awesome.
I don't know if that answers your question.

Q.テつ You had a set point against Djokovic in Bercy; once against Isner here.テつ What are you lacking still so that it works out well for you, so that you have a positive outcome?
PIERRE‑HUGUES HERBERT:テつ Well, things are different.テつ I came to this tournament with a streak of five losses on clay.テつ When I think about it, if I had won a couple of those matches, if I had found it in me to win those matches, maybe that particular shot would have gone through.
I did not have that much confidence coming here.テつ But, you know, very small details will make a difference.テつ It was very close and he played really well, because he played really well in the two tiebreaks.テつ He came forward and went for the balls and served really well.
I've been playing against opponents who play on this level all the time.テつ For me, it's different.テつ I cannot play that sort of match all year‑round.テつ He has a different experience.テつ He knows how to manage those moments better than I can.
Maybe when I can reach this level of play year round, then I'll be used to this sort of situation.

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