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May 25, 2014

Claire Feuerstein


C. FEUERSTEIN/O. Govortsova
6‑1, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ I guess that's quite rewarding.テつ Nice victory.テつ Everything went fine.テつ First round.テつ So quite a lot of confidence?
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ I'm delighted I won today.テつ I've been thinking about this event for quite a while now, so I really wanted to play well in France in front of my crowd.
People trusted me. テつI was offered a wildcard.テつ For my staff people that work with me I'm very happy I won today, but I also want to go further in the tournament.

Q.テつ You're going to play Hantuchova in the second round.テつ Do you know her?テつ Do you know how to play her?
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ No, I don't know her that much, but I guess I'll get some information before the match.
I've not prepared at all.テつ I just want to digest this match, take a rest, and then as of tomorrow I'll start thinking about my next match.
My coach will get some information and I'll prepare as best I can, as I prepared for today.

Q.テつ What about your game, your level?テつ You had a beautiful game in Strasbourg.
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ Well, I've been feeling fine for a while, and I'm very happy my game developed well today.
In terms of level, I feel good.テつ I have good feelings.テつ I feel good physically.テつ I need to gain in confidence, because I felt it a bit difficult to finish the match today because, well, I've not played all that much at that level.
So I need to have faith to believe that I could defeat girls like her.テつ The more I play, the better.テつ I need to realize that, yes, I'm in the right place and I can play these kind of matches.

Q.テつ In Strasbourg you missed the quarterfinals, but it was pretty close.テつ It would have been your first quarterfinal.テつ Did you think about it afterwards or move on?
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ No, back then it was difficult because I played Giorgi.テつ I played her in Strasbourg and lost to her.テつ But she's a very good player.テつ It was a bit frustrating after the match, but at the same time, there were many positive things in that match.
First round I won to Fichman; the last matches I played on clay were highly disputed matches with very close scores.
So I need to remain positive, see things that go fine, and continue to progress.テつ My coach and I knew that I have also not played many girls at this level.
You don't always win.テつ Sometimes you do; sometimes you don't.テつ So you have to accept and play big players.
But my level is good now, so I need to play as many of them as possible.

Q.テつ You won a tournament recently.テつ With this first round, you'll achieve the best ranking in your career so far.テつ Would you say you're playing your best tennis at the moment?
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ I think so.テつ I think I play better and my sort of average level is higher.
I think this is why I managed to win in two sets today.テつ I think I'm still progressing, still playing better, and that's the most important for me today.

Q.テつ It seems it was good for you to join the Fed Cup team; is that right?テつ Did you improve because you had discussions with Amテδゥlie?
CLAIRE FEUERSTEIN:テつ Well, I played quite well before that.テつ I qualified in Katowice.テつ I played a 50,000.テつ I proved I was playing better and better.テつ But being selected to join the team was also very positive.テつ It helped me confidence‑wise.
It showed that I had a quality to play with the elite of French tennis, the best French players.テつ I spent ten wonderful days with the French team, even though I didn't play.テつ But it's quite motivating, because now I want to make it on the court.
So it's kind of a springboard for me.テつ But I know that I have to work very hard all year‑round.テつ It's my results all year round that will qualify my for the French team in the future.テつ So I try and do the best I can.
But also, the advice I had with very high‑level partners and coaches confirmed that I'm doing what I have to do.
But it really helped me confidence‑wise.

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