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May 26, 2014

Samantha Stosur


6‑1, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  It was pretty much a perfect start.  How did you feel out there?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, very happy with the way that I played today right from first game to the last game.  I thought it was really solid.
You know, she can play a really big game.  She likes to be aggressive and try and hit winners and really, you know, put pressure on you.  So I thought I absorbed all that well.  Then when I did get a chance to do all of that myself I did.  If there wasn't that opportunity, then I thought I defended pretty well.
Yeah, it was a good start.

Q.  It looked like pretty heavy strapping on your leg.  Can you tell us what that was about?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  I actually had an accident in the gym on Wednesday night and cut my leg pretty bad.  It was really, I've got a guard on there so that if I hit myself it's not going to hurt so bad.

Q.  Doesn't affect your play though at all?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  No, I took ‑‑I took two days off and then I hit late on the third day.  But, yeah, since I started hitting there has been no problem.

Q.  Is it stitched?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I've got stitches.

Q.  How many?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Five (smiling).

Q.  What did you do exactly?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  I was doing some box jumps, and I actually don't know how I managed to do it, but I missed it and landed straight on my leg.

Q.  On the...
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  On the edge, yeah.

Q.  Were you in any danger of it affecting your performance or anything or was it just more inconvenience?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Well, I didn't know what I had done.  I thought it was really bad.  So I saw everything flashing before my eyes.
But when I went to the hospital and the doctor stitched me up, he said I will be fine.  I guess that was reassuring.  But I guess you don't know until you have a couple of days go by.
But yeah, the doctor here has been great.  Looked after me really well.  Right from the first, yeah, when I did it, I thought that I'd be fine to play.

Q.  Some serious blood was shed, though?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, a bit (laughter). Not ‑‑ enough for me not to want to do it again.
Q.  It didn't appear to be causing you any problem out there, but were you feeling any pain when you were playing?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  No.  Actually, like I said, I can't feel anything when I'm playing, thankfully.  The stitches are fine.  It's healing well.
But like I said, it all looks a lot more padded and everything just simply because I obviously don't want to affect anything and hit myself or do anything silly, and, yeah, have it hurt again.
Q.  How long since you played that well, 10 unforced errors?  It was pretty efficient, wasn't it?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, it was a really solid match.  I feel like Rome ‑‑Madrid, Rome, especially the first two matches I played in both of those tournaments, were pretty clean and starting to feel like, Okay, I'm playing well and something that I've got to build on again.
And then today I guess I kind of improved even from those matches.  I felt really comfortable out there.  Like I said, I knew she was going to play pretty aggressive and was going to put me under some pressure sometimes.  But if I could absorb that and really go after it when I get the chance, then ‑‑I'd be in with a good shot and thankfully I started off and finished well, I thought.

Q.  What sort of clicked for you, do you think?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  I don't know.  You've got to stay positive and, you know, keep practicing and keep doing the things that you know work for you.
I guess that's what I've been able to do a little bit better the last few weeks and why I felt more comfortable.  You know, playing here, I enjoy playing here.  I do feel comfortable on these courts.  I think, you know, walking out there, you feel good.  So you want to try and put your tennis out there as much as you can.

Q.  You've got Meusburger in the next round.  How do you feel about that?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, pretty good.  But, I mean, again, I'm not going to take anything lightly.  She's been a pretty solid 30, 40 ranked player for quite a while now.
I think she won in three sets last night.  Yeah, look, I don't know too much about her.  We have practiced one time in Miami this year, so maybe have a little think‑back from that and see.
Again, I'm going to try and focus on my tennis, play aggressive, do what I know I can do well, and, yeah, try and do that as much as possible.

Q.  Was it a bit of a bonus that you played so well and it was heavy today and wet and damp?  Where usually, you know, you thrive until sort of faster conditions?
SAMANTHA STOSUR:  Yeah, I mean, it was nice that I was able to play so well.  Actually didn't feel as heavy and slow and crap as what sometimes it can when it's cold.
So, yeah, I still feel like I was able to get the ball jumping and still play the way I wanted to.  I didn't feel like my real assets were taken away quite so much as actually as what I was expecting going out there.

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