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May 26, 2014

Kenny De Schepper


K. De SCHEPPER/A. Montanes
3‑1 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ Is it the quickest win for you in your career?
KENNY De SCHEPPER:テつ You mean the Grand Slam?テつ Yeah, the fastest for a Grand Slam.テつ But then last year I was not yet on the courts against Cilic during the second round at Wimbledon.
No, this time it was really short.テつ That's all.

Q.テつ That's your first win at Roland Garros, and however, I suppose you're still happy because you can still keep your energy for the next player?
KENNY De SCHEPPER:テつ That's true.テつ But then I had started the match really well, I must say.テつ I'm quite satisfied with this, and then I don't know what might happen next.テつ But then I'm satisfied with the beginning of the match, and that's something I will use for the second round.

Q.テつ But last year at Wimbledon, we know, you know, Cilic, he abandoned, and therefore you're going to reach the round of 16 here as well in Roland Garros.
KENNY De SCHEPPER:テつ Well, if you say so.テつ I wouldn't mind.
No, I'm going to watch Robredo's match a little.テつ I will see how he plays.テつ I'm going to get ready and put out my best tennis, as usual.
Mainly what counts is the beginning of my match today.テつ I was quite relaxed compared to last year, so I'm gaining experience, I think, which is good.テつ It's good for me, and I will feel better for the following match.

Q.テつ In general, when you start the Roland Garros tournament, how do you feel?テつ Do you think there is too much pressure on you, or do you want to put on yourself more pressure?
KENNY De SCHEPPER:テつ Well, of course there's pressure on all the players.テつ But then, you know, everything is relative, take days as they come.
I'm happy because I'm healthy, I can play tennis the way I want completely every day.テつ A career is so short.テつ I will try and make the best out of it.
Of course, there is pressure each time you play a match.テつ And a Grand Slam is even something when you want to stand out.
But it's okay.テつ I can unwind and chill out.

Q.テつ Can you tell us in general terms about the clay here and how you feel and how you've made progress here?
KENNY De SCHEPPER:テつ Well, playing on clay, you know, when I hear about my size, people talk about my size, they say, If you play against him on clay it's going to be okay.
But, you know what?テつ I feel good on this surface.テつ Since I was a child I have played on clay.テつ I have played on clay more than on quick courts.テつ I feel I move on the court quite well.テつ When I was younger, I was more of a defender.テつ I was waiting for the shots to come.
But today I move around on the court quite well, and I can be more aggressive when there are things you can do.テつ You can have nice shots on clay.テつ So I don't really pay that much attention to the surface.テつ When it's the clay season I'm happy, and it's in France so I feel good.

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