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May 27, 2014

Caroline Garcia


6‑1, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in French, please.

Q.  How did you experience this match?  You seemed very nervous and very tense.
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Well, it wasn't easy, but that's an experience like many others.  I have experienced many things over the last few months.  I have made lots of progress.  I have lived through many emotions.
Today it probably was a bit too much for me.  I'm going to take as much as I can from this experience.
Over the last few months, many things happened for me, and Ivanovic played a very good match today.  She didn't give me any opportunity, so I'm fine.

Q.  How did you feel right from the beginning when she won so many games?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Well, when I walked on the court, I was not all that nervous.  But the pressure has been building up around me for the last few weeks, and I couldn't be the person I usually am.  Sometimes stress can be positive, but this time I didn't manage it.

Q.  So concretely on the court you didn't feel anything?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  I was a bit stuck.  I had my feet stuck on the ground, and when you play Ivanovic, things go very fast and you need to be very fast on your legs.
I was totally stuck.  So I was like a tractor out there.

Q.  You were crying when you walked out of the court with a towel on your face.  Have you ever felt that bad on a court?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  On a great court, never in my life.  But there is always a first time to everything.  I felt very lonely, but that's the way it is.  That's what tennis is about.  You don't always experience beautiful moments.  You have to be able to go through that.
And next time I experience a similar situation maybe I'll be able to manage it better and do better.

Q.  At the end of the first set you went back inside, you came back on the court with a jacket on.  Were you trying to start from scratch?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Yeah, I wanted to try something.  It's not because you've lost the first set that the match is over.  I still had time.  I wanted fresh ideas.  I wanted to refocus and give everything I could.
But, in fact, nothing changed.  I tried to do better.  I managed to do better on a few points, but then everything collapsed again.

Q.  What's the difference between the two first sets against Sharapova two years ago and this match today?  Is it because you had nothing to lose?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  I don't know.  Well, it's not the same thing.  You know, I walked on the court against Sharapova.  I had nothing to lose.  And if I was to win one game, that was great already.
Today the situation was totally different.  The conditions were different.  I came on the court, and I wanted to do well.  Maybe too much pressure.

Q.  You talked about pressure.  How does it build up?  Was everyone talking to you about Roland Garros?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Well, you know, journalists would talk to you more when you're in the top 50 in the world than when you're a newcomer on the tour.
But that's part of the job, and I have to learn and manage it.  So I had many interview requests.  Sometimes it's not all that easy, and you need to be able to keep focusing on your game.  You need to keep on working.  This year I didn't manage to do that, but it's a good experience for me.

Q.  So everything was a bit mixed up?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Well, everything came at the same time, and you see the results:  Not very good.

Q.  A few months ago you said Roland Garros is just a tournament like any tournament.  Maybe today you are aware it's not the same thing?
CAROLINE GARCIA:  Well, it is a tournament like any other tournament, but you can't manage it as you would manage any other tournament.
You're playing before the French crowd.  There are many people who want to talk to you.  There is quite a lot of stress.
But if you manage and if you can manage it as any other tournament, that's when you can give the best of yourself and achieve good results.  At the moment I can't, but I'm working on it.

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