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May 27, 2014

Na Li


7‑5, 3‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:  Questions in English, please.

Q.  Obviously it's a tough loss here in the first round.  What did you talk about with Carlos before the match?  Obviously I think you had a game plan.  Why was it so difficult for you to execute that game plan today?
NA LI:  Nobody say if you No. 2 in the world you have to win all the matches.  I mean, this is tennis.  I mean, everyone come to the court, everyone has a chance to win the match.
I think doesn't matter who plays today against me, I always lose the match today, because I don't think she was put a lot of pressure from me.
I think today just I gave it away for the match.

Q.  What did Carlos say to you after the match?
NA LI:  I didn't see him right now.  Yeah.

Q.  What do you expect him to say to you?  How is he usually after...
NA LI:  Of course it's tough, because is not about ‑‑I think today is not about tennis game.  It's so many thing are wrong.
Yeah, for sure, it's tough.

Q.  Can you elaborate on those things?
NA LI:  It can be anything.

Q.  You obviously had many unforced errors today during this match.  When it's going like this it's a bad day at the office, as we say.  What do you feel you can try to change with these things?  What did you try today to maybe find back your timing?
NA LI:  I don't think I'm doing well.  If I doing well, I believe I still can win the match if it's not my best day.
But I don't think today I try a lot.  I think this is probably know I just state I'm doing wrong thing until end of the match.

Q.  Can you maybe talk a little bit of tension maybe?  Because it's the first round.  You're a favorite.  Did it play in your part?
NA LI:  No, I mean, this is the match.  I really don't want to find another reason to say because of that I lose the match.
Lose is lose.

Q.  And about her game?  Was there anything annoy you more than...
NA LI:  Like I said before, doesn't matter who plays today against me.  I already lose the match already.

Q.  Is it just a bad day?
NA LI:  I don't think it is only the bad day.  I think probably is about myself.
Of course the easy thing I can say is bad day for me, but it's not.  I'm 100% sure.
The problem is myself.  I don't think I'm doing well on the court.  And also, even during the match, I don't think totally what I should do, like especially I didn't follow the game plan, and even I was standing up the court, in my mind I didn't have any idea how to play the match.

Q.  When you walked out on court this morning, how were you feeling?  Were you nervous?  Was it another match?  Feeling any tension?  Any thoughts?  What were you feeling like when you walked out on court?
NA LI:  Actually was feeling pretty good (smiling).  But, you know, first match always tough.  Doesn't matter how many tournament you play already, but first match always be there, because tension is different.  Always tough to pass the first round.

Q.  Tension is different first match at a slam compared to, you know, first match in Stuttgart or Madrid?  When you say it's "different," what do you mean?
NA LI:  I think first match always different than second match or after, because you never know what happen on the court.  You have long time didn't play the point or didn't play the match there, so you know how you can do, you know.
Even you play like 10 tournament in a row already, but still I always think about the first match always be tough.

Q.  Sometimes, you know, coaches try to help the players, and they say pressure is a privilege.  Is that the way you feel or on the contrary?  Even though you've been on the tour for a long time, do you still feel it's tough for you sometimes to handle the pressure and maybe some things you still have to learn about maybe?
NA LI:  I think everyone feel the pressure.  I mean, the pressure is there.  How you say, you cannot pass away.  Because it's in there.
But I think I handle the pressure pretty well (smiling).  You know, I can always hang in there, of course.  I sometimes was up, down, up, down.

Q.  You said it's about me.  What is wrong with you then?
NA LI:  (Smiling.)  Wrong today.  Honestly, even in warming up I was feeling pretty good.  Even come to the court, I was feeling also pretty good.
But I don't know what happen, maybe I'm not organized ‑‑maybe I'm not prepared for myself to be the focus in this match.

Q.  Obviously you're disappointed with the result, but can you talk a little bit about that disappointment, like how do you feel right now?  Is it just a missed opportunity, or are you disappointed in yourself or just the loss?  Why are you sad?
NA LI:  I think the sad because is ‑‑I think today is not only about technique, you know.  It's not about technique I lose the match.  I can training, I can have hard working again.
But today I think mostly important thing is in my mind.  I think I should find out what happened for myself, why I cannot put tension or why I cannot put focus on this match.  Yeah.

Q.  From this point of view, can you sum up in a few words the time after your victory in Melbourne, how much did that victory influence your life and the time afterwards in those months?
NA LI:  Pretty normal.  Didn't change a lot.  Just continue life after Melbourne.  Yeah.  Nothing special.  Not like last time.  Yeah.

Q.  Obviously you have lots of experience of those moments.  How do you deal with a loss like this?  How do you forget about it?  What do you do to evacuate the decision?
NA LI:  Of course you cannot forget on this moment, because story is there, but, you know, lose the match is lose.  Is nothing ‑‑nothing I can do anymore, because is already done.  So just looking forward.

Q.  Yesterday the Australian Open Champion Stan Wawrinka lost.  Did you make it more conscious, like there was more pressure on you, playing today, and also playing a Frenchwoman, where the crowd is probably going to be supporting her all the time?
NA LI:  Sorry, I didn't contact with him.

Q.  Playing a Frenchwoman, did it with all the crowd support against you, did it matter in any way?
NA LI:  No, I mean, I would like to say again doesn't matter who's play today, doesn't matter where she's from, today my opponent will win the match because I threw myself away.

Q.  What do you think you need to develop to have the kind of consistency to play at the very high level at these tournaments all the time?  Do you feel something is missing from your game or from your head?  Or is it something can you still find at this point in your career?
NA LI:  You know, I don't know what happen when after win the French Open and then come back again.  I was feeling I miss something, you know.  I don't know.  Even I will think about I can do well, but I'm not ‑‑ already twice lost again this year.  So I don't think I should be looking forward for next year (smiling).

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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